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Im KJV only christian if people i meet dont agree that fine im simply looking for a nice person who is kind friendly and not just friendly on facebook where everyone can always put their best foot foward. instead live day to day in Joy that God and Jesus gives us if we are walking with Him thinking about Him his Word in the bible things we need to know. i listen to pastor steve anderson tempe arizona i agree with him much and he preaches on sin and us overcoming sin is key to a blessed life. we are all sinners we make mistakes but if we in gods will we will try to overcome and stop thur Jesus help He repented from sin for us so we can rely on Him. I also believe most likely today we are in end of days tons of people today are easily angered want to divorce if you dont believe in what i believe then nuts to you feminism all around violence on the street looting pillaging etc. soon might get even worse to a kind of war zone area i always pray to god about this to protect me i want to know him more. and i always want to know him more even if the world was like 1900 when we had morals in society. but i say all this i hope you know who i am well at least and idea i take my time getting to know people too many people today are two faced. but i mostly agree with independent fundamental baptist where they will teach on bible principles that most wont touch on for example the reprobate doctrine in romans 1 where god gave them over etc. but when it come to marriage and family simply looking for a godly woman who is like the bible says submissive kind gentle meek spirit keeper of the home like the women in 1699 for example i think this make women much more happier to be in this state and marriage can be rocky people not perfect but most importantly when two are arguing with each other they forgive each other after and find common ground and work as a unit etc. but again when you are in God perfect will we could have atomic bombs dropping everywhere but still a person can have the Joy of the Lord in their heart. If you think we might have in common let be friends first.
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let talk online thru here first see if there is something in common that is best.
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