Forgiveness, another second chance.

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Things above, simplicity in Christ; putting an end to complication and confusion, altruism, reading, writing, calisthenics - strength training, walking, astronomy, natural spectacles - meteors, thunderstorms, rainbows, noctilucent clouds, auroras, comets
About Me
I am looking for faith, the children of the promise. Men and women who are alive to the truths of God which are counter-intuitive to the carnal mind; love your enemies, rejoice in the midst of persecution, in weakness is strength, surrender is victory, and death is life.

I am also here in part because no male is fulfilled by himself, doing things for himself, since the strength of a male is in what he can do for those he loves. Whether a man sets his heart on being one spirit with the Lord, or one body with a woman, the principle is the same.

I firmly believe that if a man gives his whole self to the Lord, then a woman will give herself to that man by the will of God. And the same applies to the woman demonstrably.

Learning of the grace of God in truth and having the least common personality type among males (INFJ - Advocate) has necessitated my need to accept that the rarest of all, is the most misunderstood of all, and thereby required to be the most forgiving of all. The most merciful of men will forgive others the most because they themselves needed God's forgiveness the most. Our readiness to forgive is manifest that we ourselves have been forgiven.

With that being said, the life I now live is no longer framed by my personality type because my identity is found in Christ. And having such an immovable constant to launch myself into things means that other ways for illustrating my being are not of prime importance.

I have minimal time for superficial friendships because they do little to encourage us to bear one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. I am neighbourly to all, but my vulnerability is kept for those who accept my right hand of fellowship in the name of Jesus. Whether you come or go, I pray that when you stand before Christ, He will see no flesh, but only His word in you.
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