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I have been here before with a different user name.

I have never been married and I don't have kids.
I believe Jesus should be center of any relationship along with trust and faithfulness.

God recently saved me from a massive stroke 2016, became unresponsive, but God and his goodness woke me and so far has eliminated alcohol from my life for 20 months now which by my own strength could never do, coz i drank over 20 years. Sad it took a stroke to do it, but also grateful it was done. Also recently quit smoking, also by the grace of God.

Now i'm pleased to announce(3 years later 2019) the effects of this stroke has got me probably 80% back to normal. I can walk, talk, can do small amounts of work. Considering it almost killed me, and went through brain surgery, its a miracle by Gods grace. Doctors even told my family after surgery, I would be like a child again.
I was living contrary to Gods word,drinking, smoking,doing drugs, sins like fornication, pride, selfishness,and i'm sure more, even despite all that, God decided my soul was not ready for eternity and spared me from dying in my sins.
I've had a mild heart attack since and at the time I thought I was going to die,but by His grace he saved me from that to.
I believe sometimes when God wants to get your attention, He uses things like this to prepare you for eternity, so I reject any notion people saying this is not of God, God would not do something so horrible.My answer would be, its not horrible if he's saving a soul from eternal damnation.Its not God's main concern to make you happy,His main concern is to make you Holy.Happiness may be part of it, but holiness is far more important.
Don't get me wrong, like all Christians I still commit sin,but usually they are not sins of old but I tell you, I feel a whole lot more confident about the cross.
I know its long, but thought I would share part of my testimony on here.
Thanks for checking it out God bless
LOL oh by the way I gained about 50lbs over the past 3 years so i'm chubbier than what is described. Hope you like a little meat on the bones

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