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I am an intense person with a witty sense of humor, spunky, a researcher, outgoing and talkative, can be too strong-willed at times about various things I feel passionately about. I enjoy meeting people of other cultures, love to travel, like listening to conservative S. Gospel and Bluegrass as well as traditional Christian music. I find it soothing to walk or read on nearly secluded beaches listening to the ocean crashing against the shore, I enjoy cooking and being creative in making up my own twist on other recipes, health and nutrition. I love warm weather states (I used to live in FL), enjoy reading, and being a vital part of my church. If money and time permitted, I would like taking some art lessons, photography and flower arranging classes. I grew up in the country, but do find pleasure in city life. I have a bit of both worlds somewhat as I am near the "country", but have the amenities of what city life can bring. I grew up with my family doing a yearly garden and for a handful of years had a garden myself. I also enjoy singing and have been fortunate to be involved in a Christian community choir.. We have had the opportunity to sing at the Biltmore all three years. The Biltmore is especially gorgeous at Christmas time!

I understand that we can all sound better on paper than in real life. Only Jesus will never let us down. As my married sister of about 25 yrs says, being married will not solve all of your problems. Only Jesus can truly fill the emptiness/loneliness we feel at times.

I am not really looking for a Prince/Knight on his horse. I'm looking for a man who will romance me when I'm old, wrinkled and gray and still think I'm lovely inside and out. Save the real romance until after we are married. I'm looking for a man who will work three jobs if need be (my dad did) to put food on the table/to do the hard things like clean barns/toilets if he has to. That won't let pride get in his way. Who will do unexpected little things for me all year long and not just on the "expected" holidays. Thinking of the others good more than their own. Low on hobbies and high on Jesus/family as a priority instead.

I would love to meet a godly Christian man. My best friend. What character qualities might I look for? One who is faithful, kind, the spiritual leader, a thinker and a reader, patient, who thinks counter-culturally, a communicator, has made a covenant with his eyes like it says in Job, loves children, would like and admire a modestly dressing wife (dresses/skirts) that stays home with their children and homeschools them. I work in the public schools and see a moral and educational lack. Steady (job, emotionally stable) He has a sense of humor, sings, believes that marriage is a covenant and not a contract to be broken (Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it-He will never divorce His Bride) debt free/frugal, one that is really too busy to sit around watching tons of tv (lots of junk on there) is (hopefully) a Baptist, gentle, loves the Lord, the KJV and me:) Conservative politically, yes, I do enjoy politics somewhat. Patriotic. A family man. Masculine and a gentleman, yes, they go together. I prefer to meet and marry a man with a similar background and culture as myself.

My mom and dad were godly examples to me through my growing up years, but I did not put my personal faith in Christ until I was nineteen years old. Before that time I was an enemy of the cross and a difficult person to live with. God was so gracious and patient and lovingly dealt with me until I repented of my sins and put my faith in Him. Romans 5:8 "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

I was born in the state of Minnesota while my dad was in seminary studying to be a Baptist pastor, and reared in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

My father passed away at the end of April 2006 with brain cancer and so the verse, "My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is make perfect in weakness" has become much more real to me as God has just showered my family and I with grace. I could not make it without Christ in my life.

I enjoy church, camp meetings, mission trips, good lively conversation around the things of Christ and also political discussions. Spending time with friends and family, singing in my church choir, picturesque parks and bargain shopping:) like second hand shops, are also fun pastimes of mine. When I was younger and had the opportunity, I enjoyed white water rafting, and leading a women's Bible study in the local jail.

I love the Lord; He brought me up out of a miry pit and set my feet upon a rock. He's been so good to me. I don't deserve His love and mercy.
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Something simple will do. I don't expect elaborate or expensive. I'm frugal, remember:) Target practice at a gun range, maybe? :)

** The pictures I have put up are all recent from 2018/2019/2020/ November 2021

If you have gotten this far, congratulations. You are some of the very few it seems. I have been pretty plain about some of my convictions. More than likely, if you are divorced, drink/smoke, etc. I will probably not write you back. Please explain how a drinking mouth and praying lips go together? This will probably make some upset. I'm sorry for the pain of your divorce, but I do have biblical reasons for why I believe in a marriage for life. We look at the Bible from a Western perspective vs an Eastern perspective. Jews were not Western in thought. They had different practices regarding the year of "betrothal" etc. and it was then, during that year of "engagement", that you could "divorce" the other person. Before the marriage was consummated. I know many will disagree with me. I can only go on what God has shown me. BTW, I will not argue over this topic. I would love to hear why you do not believe in divorce/re-marriage.
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