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A Long Term Relationship
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Was Ma donna Del, but I moved
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No way
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Network Engineer
I have too many to list.
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Just moving back home!
I am a great guy to have as a partner, in your corner, as a best friend. I will do great things for those who treat me right. Lie, deceit, dishonest, hide things, assume, move on as those are ALL Deal Breakers! I'm Loyal, Honest, REAL AS IT GETS, Romantic, Passionate, Intimate, FUNNY, Loving, Kind, Dedicated. Fantastic Father! I have three totally awesome kids! They will always come first. They are My World! I coach and have bee a coach for over 25 years. I am a Volunteer Firefighter for 15 years. I am also a Professional DJ of over 25 years, among my real job(s) - Information Technology of over 30 years. I love Adventure, the outdoors, music and movies. I am an AWESOME Person - NOTE: Confident, Not arrogant nor cocky. Pretty Darn Good Cook! Keep a clean and tidy home for me and my kids. Sarcastic, straight forward, I say what I mean and mean what I say! LOVE my Local Teams! Pens, Steelers, Pirates! If you asked my friends of a phrase about me: "Expect the Unexpected" Life Long Thought: God, Grant Me the Serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, courage me to change those things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!

I would love it if YOU were somewhat like me! You don't have to be exact. Be dishonest in ANY way, Deal Breaker! Assume, forget it. I am an excellent communicator! I can and will be your best friend, providing you treat me right. As there will be ZERO issues with me treating you right! You MUST accept that my kids are younger. I got a late start in life. It just happened that way. Must be able to accept. Cannot change nor want to change me. I like myself and I am super happy of who I am, who I became. I will never try to change you. I can be a total support person. If change is necessary, I will make that choice, not you! Will not accept people who settle. As I will not settle. HUGS and KISSES got to be awesome, that make the mark, affect the soul.

I have been really taken advantage of, taken for granted, used, lied to, cheated on. SO what is left? Look ladies, I love to be in love and will dedicate my heart to you, but you have to do the same, as there will be no past "My Heart Lies Here" garbage. In it to win it. I will be "All in" for you, for US! I am extremely Trustworthy! Humor in a relationship is also important. I love to laugh, and will keep you smiling and or !
BIG BONUS!!!! You will get more respect from me than you could possibly imagine! (Just because that is who I am!)
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Open. Walk, drive, coffee, dinner, snack, whatever!
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