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Studying scripture. Consumer law. Farming. Natural living. Health. Fitness. Freedom. Guns.
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I have 3 beautiful children age 4, 3 and 1yr that I homebirthed naturally. They are my world. I had to flee my previous marriage that turned violent. Sometimes you get a wolf in sheep's clothing. You do your best to make it work as long as you can, until you can't anymore. Unfortunately that's my case. Divorce is something I hoped would never be part of my story but I wasn't about to die on that hill (no pun intended )

My children have never had any V@((!n3$. Only looking for someone pureblood who never got the "poke" that was mandated a couple years ago. Do not lie about this. If you'd like, I can help you detox if you regret getting it.

I went to college for Nutrition. Realized it was a bunch of BS and Rockefeller upside-down indoctrination. I've unlearned much of that since it honestly wasn't coherent to the reality I was observing. For example, why would I trust my professors who are overweight and on a bunch of pharma meds regarding health if what they're teaching isn't keeping them healthy?

I am looking for a kind man. Someone who is able to acknowledge when they're wrong, take responsibility, and work together to keep going while building each other up.

I don't need your money. I am well off.

I want someone who will come along side to help me raise godly children, someone to be my head and covering, my protector.

I have many skills and a wide range of knowledge. I am generally happy and optimistic.

I'm not your average woman. I think outside the box. I didn't come to my conclusions about the world lightly. These rabbit holes are intense. It's a crazy upside-down world we live in just like scripture says, and we are not of it. Looking forward to the Kingdom to come, while striving to stay faithful in the journey that my Creator has for me.

When you message me, please say something thought provoking. I've given you plenty of material in my profile to expand on in conversation.
First Date
Something interactive. If it's out to eat, must be good quality food. It could be a hole in the wall or a food truck and those sometimes have the best home made food out there. I'm not judgy (except I will definitely judge fast food, cuz that's not real food and come on, I went to school for nutrition).
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