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3D, Animator, Entrepreneur
Ultimate Frisbee, Journeys, PC games <-- Elitest, philosophy, politics, time to myself.
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I can talk about how wonderful I am and surely you could too! With the internet it is easy to hide or true selves and become something we are not. Forgive me if I must take my time on here. Being kind, caring, and fun is something to be expected in a dating site and I could easily hide within shadowy packets of data as a charming, handsome bachelor!

I have skeletons in my closets and I have done things that may be frowned upon by others. However, my deeds are not all negative and I will not need to brag of my good deeds.

Just know that I am Christian man ( Jesus, my Lord and Savior, son of God, who died on the cross for this world He loves.) who try to live but good virtues and critical thinking. Good virtues? Yes.. God's word speaks of it. However, it's something that must be proven or vouched for.

I don't like to be mothered, I have a mother for that and I believe I treat her well. But you will have to ask her yourself if we meet and things become serious. :).

Yes, I enjoy and can be silly. Am I witty? Again, for you to decide..

<== Dr. Lecter?
First Date
Forget dating.. just wanna get to know someone and figure it out from there. Be friends enjoy company. Dating has too many rules and to much expectations. Friends first!

Lord willing, the time is right I can meet with another woman and it will be very comfortable.

Some things I like in a woman are confident, not needy, and independent with insight that is not revolving around small talk all the time. I am very logical and I do not find an insecure woman who needs constant emotional support, attractive. This does not mean I am cold as ice. A woman willing to learn and be educated, desiring to think for herself is very attractive to me.

I am a dude! I desire a gal that I find attractive ( Not looking for some super model)! King David got a dude whacked in the front lines so he could have his pretty wife. I'm not that extreme, but please understand that we guys are visual and if we were Great Kings like David, we would also fall short in His Glory. However, that doesn't mean I want just any good looking gal. Personality and character is definitely desired and very important. Lastly, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; hence, everyone has their own perception of beauty.

You gals posting the Bible verse that beauty is fleeting.. but a married man said to me that even when his wife got older.. he could still see that beauty in her when they first met.. it shines through! I understand beauty is fleeting.. buuuut..Please don't use that verse in a way to excuse yourself for not taking care of yourself. You are not being fair to yourself!

Lastly, I won't have sex before marriage. If people think they should to test their lover? Well. They just aren't communicating correctly.

God Bless!
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