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About Me
About Me:

While there is definitely times when I speak what's on my heart, for the most part, I would consider myself to be laid back, quiet, funny (at least I think, lol), passionate, dedicated, and someone who tries to stay young at heart (I work with many kids as a director of a child care program) and a little bit of a daredevil.

My Faith:

As a born again believer in Jesus Christ, I have his holy Ghost inside me to comfort & lead me on whatever journey or challenge God calls me on. Believe I'm a work in progress, but am excited about reaching great and new heights in my relationship with Jesus.

What I'm looking for?

Really hard to say, but something I feel is rare in people these days. I want someone with a desire and relentless drive to seek the will of Christ in her life. Not perfect as no one but Christ ever was. But someone willing to continually acknowledge flaws and repent. Some who would forgive me when I fall short.

Someone who is willing to grow with me in the love Christ gave, which was "Unconditional". Someone who won't run and withdraw when times get tough. Someone who believes in maintaining her spiritual health & beauty, as much as her outer appearance. Modesty and humility should be important to her. Someone that values her relationship with Christ as precious above all things. Then with the love of Christ in her heart, discipline's herself in a way to grow in the Word. Always trying to guard her heart from conforming to be like this world.

I know we all are a work in progress, but we should not willfully accept sin into our lives and say "Well, that's just who I am". We should seek to strengthen that which is weak through repentance (turning) from sin, and continually praying and pressing towards to mark (goal), that is making ourselves ready to meet Jesus when he returns for us as his bride. I mean, in most weddings we know, the bride cares greatly in how she prepares herself for that special day, even going overboard in some cases. But with Jesus, many professed Christians live their life how they see fit, believing that God's grace gives them freedom to sin because "Hey, Nobody's Perfect". I truly don't believe many of them ever gave their hearts to Christ to start with. And no, I don't believe we are saved by doing good works, as I know it is by faith. But Faith without works is not really Faith (It's dead). Meaning if you & others can't see God's life changing power in your life through more than words, how is it that you are a new creature, as described in the word.

So concerning my intentions on this site, I have put my search to find someone on hold for a while to pursue higher education and because of the demands of some of the ministries I'm in. But after watching the years pass by, I realized that two heads and hearts are way stronger than one. So I want to make myself more available.

I believe in treating women with respect and going out of the way (and outside the box) to show them they are appreciated and valued above rubies. Yes, I'm old school and believe that the man is to be the leader of the home as I believe when it is done right, God blesses a marriage & this would not then be a issue for most lady's anyways. And to clarify, a leader (or head of home) is not someone from behind barking out orders on some ego drive, but out front LEADING and protecting with love, compassion, kindness, honesty, loyalty, assertive, reliability, courage, and with sacrifice. As you know Jesus did sacrifice his own life for us because he loved us that much. He then told us as men, that if we are to have wives, that we should be willing to love them the same way he did his bride. Be willing to give everything! I would hope that any lady I meet have a hunger to grow closer to God together.
First Date
Probably somewhere we could both do something fun to help get past the "What do I say next, What is he/she really thinking" awkward moments that sometime accompany first dates. Just have a good time getting to know each other.
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