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Ol fashioned, biblical, God-fearing, lady
Gender Female
Country United States
City Bellingham
State Washington  
Height 5'5"
Last Login Date e.g. Apr 10, 2016
Age 50
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Voluptuous  
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Denomination Charismatic
Looking For A Worship Partner  
Church Name Charismatic local church
Church Attendance Every week  
Church Raised In Christian Reformed  
Do you drink? No  
Smoker No  
Willing to relocate? Possibly, who knows
Marital Status Divorced  
Do you have children? Yes but they're grown  
Do you want children? Undecided/Open  
Education Level Specialty/Trade School
My Profession aspiring writer/budding knitter/former cook  
Walking on dirt trails, swimming and floating on lakes, camping, music, Seahawks, Star Trek, knitting, writing, cooking
About Me
I greatly enjoy walking in the woods. I wanna go camping, swimming, and tubing on a lake. I wish to increase my adventures in hiking out in nature, and perhaps exploring in caves. In winter, I'd like to go on a sleigh ride, build a snowman, tour a Christmas lights show, or see a quality performance of either Christmas music, or a play. I'd love to go see the Seattle Seahawks again in person! I settle for watching them at home, which is the highlight of my week.

I've been enamored by the drums, rhythm, and music in general, my whole life. There's nothing like cranking up the rockin tunes, on a high quality sound system! I sang in several choirs, in school, and in church. Generally I'm either an alto, or a tenor with limits. There's nothing professional about my voice; I simply enjoy making or hearing music. I would love to obtain a full drum set, and to learn how to play, as I practice while jamming out to U2, etc., but the air doesn't make any sound. Yes, I have some family members that have taken this tendency much farther than me. I love music, good music, of various kinds, but mostly, rock, soul, and occasionally a lovely classical piece. I'm most intrigued by 70's music as a default, though it isn't always edifying to my soul. I both want to get gussied up to look like a princess, and to go to a Seahawks game. I'd also love to go to a Christian concert, or a Star Trek convention. My spaghetti sauce and soups are delicious, because I take time to make them just right. I enjoy spending many hours reading about certain creatures, like spiders, bears, and other wild animals. The survival shows, British comedies, and some science fiction, intrigue me the most.

I'm a partial melancholy, with a sense of humor. I can write a good essay upon demand, but have yet to make money at it. I respect logic, and rational thought, but I'm very emotional. I desire to communicate clearly, until there is complete understanding between all parties, in most relationships (though some should be cut short). I can't stand lying and deceit, nor do I comprehend it's existence. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. I generally think through my words, and their consequences, not to say that I've never regretted any words spoken in haste, which all do. Words are my number one love language. That said, words only are meaningful, when they're backed up with sincerity and truth.

I took some tests online which reveal my personality somewhat. In Seahawks tests, I came out as most like Richard Sherman, twice, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas. Of the 5 Star Trek captains, I'm most like Kathryn Janeway. Of TNG characters, I'm most like Dr. Beverly Crusher. From "Big Bang Theory" I'm most like Bernadette, though I do love children (especially my own). That said, procreation time is now over. As a famous woman, I'm Jackie Kennedy, and I'm Texas as a state. Of the musical group, the Monkees, I'm most like Micky Dolenz. In other tests I showed to be a visionary in one, and a negotiator in another. I am "left brain inclined-analytic". I scored 56% left, and 44% right, though I am more about words than numbers. I've been tested as having a "realistic" personality type, and I'm an "ESTJ" on a personality test, which I believe makes me about half extroverted, and half introverted. An IQ test said I have a 103.3 IQ. I took even more tests online. One said I was a leader type, and the other shows my sanguine side, which is the happy go lucky, have fun, personality. It's no mystery really. Most people have all four personality types ingrained in theirs. It's simply a matter of how much of what. Every person adapts to their environment, and must use certain abilities in order to survive their life situation. To simplify, my main core personality, is the melancholy type, though I have other traits.

I am not "undecided" about children. I am "open" to them being around, but I won't be procreating anymore, since those days are over for me. I have one grown son of whom I'm very proud.

I have a personal relationship with God. I pray to him, and I read his only, fully, inspired, gospel, the Holy Bible, on a regular basis. I believe it to be the Word of God. It gives instruction on how to live life, and I want to follow God's will. I repented of past sins, and though I sin now, I try not to. I repent of sin regularly, because it happens, but I don't want to live in sin, nor give opportunity for it. I like my church. I like the pastor's teachings, as it's doctrinally sound, entertaining, and relative to my life. I enjoy the rockin worship band, and feel the presence of the holy spirit there. I've felt the most alive when I've been in deep worship to the one and only God of the universe. There's nothing like participating in powerful corporate worship.

Family is important to me, though the holidays aren't what they used to be. Some I rarely get to see, and I miss greatly. I try to spice it up by integrating a wrapped present, where we have to play a silly game in order to win it. It can also be fun playing poker with family, though none of us are very good.

I'm looking for a single, legally divorced, or widowed, godly, christian man, committed to celibacy before marriage, and the opposite thereafter. I Tim 3 is a good start, with understanding regarding past sin. He needs to be solid in his faith. I am open to friendships as pen pals, but it isn't my primary goal. I look for a committed christian man who lives with similar values. I'm on a "Christian" dating site, not simply to find a moral man who isn't an atheist. We all are looking for the right kind of person for ourselves. I want a man who not only will go to church with me, but who wants me to go to church with him. The apostle Paul used to be Saul, who was against Christians. If someone has a past of sin, that doesn't make one ineligible to God, or to become a Christian. It just means that we must turn completely from that old lifestyle, to the new one God wants us to have, but there should be evidence of this. I desire to find a man that I can feel comfortable talking to about anything. I want him to lead me closer to God, and not farther away. I look for someone who seeks what the bible says about life, in how to live it, and how to do marriage, etc. You may have certain superficial preferences, and I do as well. I prefer brunettes. Ok, there, I said it. It's becoming more apparent, that I need to be more specific in addressing compatibility of religion as well. I look for a compatible, born again, Protestant, Christian man. You don't have to be charismatic, though that's how I believe. If you follow another religion, we are wasting our time trying to get to know each other. I don't date outside of my religion. I look for someone whose denomination falls within Christian church guidelines. This is supposed to be a Christian dating site. There are many undetermined dating sites for any religion.
First Date
First we need to see how we interact online. Then perhaps there can be phone calls, or video chats. If that goes well, we can meet in a public place, like a restaurant. This is no hook up; it's an interview, to see if we should continue dating. I won't go to your house until further notice. Eventually I hope to find someone to marry.
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