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God, Hiking, Movies, Dr. Who, The Office, making friends, adrenaline rushes
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I enjoy most things even if its just a walk in a park with good convo. I have never done drugs or alcohol. I believe the Bible is the preserved Word of God. I am an active member of a Baptist Church. I love trying new things and meeting new people. I am kinda geeky in the shows I like. Also played sports growing up, so feel I am well rounded in the jock vs geek ratio thing. I graduated salutatorian of my class in high school, and am currently pursuing a Master's in Organizational Leadership....but I still have blonde moments.

Over all I just love to laugh and have a good time. I have a darling daughter that is 8 and an adorable son that is 6. Both blonde haired blue eyed happy helpers. :)

My love languages in order are Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Giving and Receiving of Gifts.

If MBTIs mean anything to you, I'm a blend between ESFP and ENFP. I'm not crazy confident, but I am entirely consumed with ensuring people I care about are taken care of...

I can cook without burning things, tell me your favorite meal and I will spend my days trying to perfect it for you, if you are the one. Also, dating me comes with baked goodies if you tell me your favorite.

I don't like alcohol due to growing up as a missionary kid in Russia and seeing alcoholism wreck lives of people I cared about. Some of my good friends couldn't go home for fear of being beaten by their alcoholic parents. I honestly don't understand the appeal alcohol has on Christians today...

I believe in faithfulness to a fault. I am an open book and am free with information if I trust you. I really don't like liars. I find honesty sometimes hurtful but necessary. I would rather be able to trust you than be "protected" from a truth you think would hurt me.

If a guy I am with checks out other girls while we are together, it is a sign to me he would not be faithful in marriage.

Speaking of marriage....I love kisses, cuddling and flirting, but sex is to be within the confines of marriage only. If you do not believe the should find somebody else... as on this point, I will not budge.

I am faithfully serving as Sunday School Administrator for a church my dad is starting in Vancouver. I have a full time job that supports my kids as an NPI Aerospace Planner/program manager at a machine shop that supports semiconductors, aerospace and spaceflight.

I truly love the Lord. I struggled for a long time to trust Him that He would ever want an abandoned divorced woman to find another husband. I believe Malachi and 1 Cor 7 settled this for me with prayer and fasting. I am called to peace. I am happy serving the Lord single but would love a battle buddy...another half. But if it doesn't happen, He is all I need and He will give grace and strength for every hour, day by day.

Well, I hope this gave you a glimpse into who I am. If you like what you read and saw....please message me. I don't bite too often. 😇😉
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I'd like to be in a setting we can talk. Coffee and walk around a park. Willing to go on any adventure you conjure. 😉
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