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Recent College Graduate and Commissioned Artist
Adventure, Hiking, Fishing, Video Games, Graphic Novels/Manga, Art, Traveling, Nature, Learning, Fish (Aquariums), Writing, Gardening, Swords, Animated Films, Lord of the Rings (reading), tin whistles, History (Japanese, WW2, Ireland, Germany)
About Me
Well, I'll be straightforward and say I'm atypical and not single (but this sight doesn't allow me to select that)...

I am an artist and have pursued it through college- this year is my senior year. Last semester I completed a professional level graphic novel prototype. This next semester I will be working under a professor independently to learn how to professionally craft a graphic novel. I have been working on a world to create a graphic novel while I have also entertained the idea of illustrating the Bible in a way that is accurate to both the historical context and is theologically sound.

That all to say, God gave me an adventurous spirit and a serious imagination. But I also love history and hunting for treasures in antique stores. One of my favorite things to do there is to read old postcards. I also have a betta fish, named Hotaka, whom I love dearly. I'm planning on teaching him tricks! (Yes it's possible!)

I'm kind of the gritty type, I guess. I'm not into the rolling around in the grass with Jesus music. Although it's good (I do love Michael W. Smith) I REALLY enjoy music of all kinds. Muse is my favorite. Classic Rock and anything with a kick in it, really! But we can talk music later, gator. If that's your gig.

My Life Plan (as of now): I plan to work for my mother's nonprofit organization upon finishing college. She started a transitional living home for young women aging out of foster care or who are homeless. It teaches them life skills, plugs them into churches, and helps them get back into school and pursue a career. She decided recently to relocate and add equine therapy to the process (and provide free therapy to local foster families). Basically, I'll keep the stable running while I establish myself as a freelance artist.

I love to wander in the woods. I'm not much of a trail person, but if there is one, I'll follow it the first or second time. If I see fish in a creek prepare for me to be fascinated for at least ten minutes (and I will more than likely spew facts about them to you). Nature and all the meticulous details God has fashioned each plant and creature with is incredible to me. I might even stop to take a picture or paint a canvas of a particularly stunning view. So you might bring a good book with you or play your accordion/guitar/whatever instrument you play. It'd be chill.

I also play video games (and board games). I suppose I can brief you on that list. I play Skyrim (modded it all by myself) and Zelda, Supersmash Bros (I know what PM and wavedashing is), SNES Mario World, Banjo Kazooie, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Fable, and games you've probably never heard of like Goemon's Great Adventure, El Shaddai, and Sengoku Basara.

Lastly, I don't know what the heck "well-proportioned" means for body type so I changed it to "petite" but most of the body types are kind of... well, IDK, felt ill-proportioned to me. lol

Anything else you want to know or have I killed all the mystery?
First Date
Gooood question. Perhaps we'd take a hike or visit a museum. Maybe we'd go fishing! There's a chance we could find some cool stuff in the antique shops in town. Or hey, there's always the arcade! Anything cheap. I'm poor. College kind of eats money alive. But don't expect me to demand Red Lobster. I'm totally cool with the hole-in-the-wall cheap (but tasty) restaurants.

But a pre-warning, I take relationships slothfully. So if you're into the "hit and run" kinda of gig, I ain't your girl. ;D :thumbsup:
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