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I have a decent job. Sometimes I travel for work doing factory floors for places such as NASA in new Orleans but usually closer to home. I have a truck and own a home. It has a nautical theme since I enjoy sea life and always wanted to be a boat captain. Tried to join the Coast Guard to achieve that but wasn't accepted. Wasn't meant to be I guess. Spent a year living in Florida. It was too expensive so I came home and put some college in but fell back into flooring. Now I'm paying a mortgage and love my home, just don't have anyone to really spend time with so I'm on here. As far as God goes; I went to a Catholic school for a couple of years but I've always had my own with him. Maybe I'm wrong but personally I tend to roll with the "my body is my temple" beliefs". Haven't been to church in a long time. I don't see anything wrong with it, it's just not how I go about being thankful for my blessings. Never been on a Christian dating site, don't want to alarm anyone here, just want a good girl. I'm a pretty good guy. ..
UPDATE.. Currently looking for a new job, probably in grounds keeping at the local cemetery. I was getting pretty beat up with the life on the road doing epoxy and tired of it after 12 yrs. It really ran me down and I was getting injured a lot. I was an alcoholic for most of that time but I haven't had a drink since January of 2015. Though I've really always believed in Jesus, and was if anything a Catholic growing up, I never really sought him out until these past few yrs and in turning to Him I've been blessed with some great wisdom and revelations. Since then I've been getting very serious about cleaning up my act and am currently trying out a Pentecostal church as they seem to be closest to my beliefs. However even there I feel God has revealed to me things I wouldn't learn there. But their attitude and character is something I really need to maintain focus and will no doubt receive messages I need there too. But what it seems I'm lacking the most in life is a good woman by my side. One who will keep me focused and want to maintain a healthy way with me. To be honest, I've never had a real girlfriend. Or one I could introduce as my own. I guess after being around girls who didn't know what they wanted, I became shallow in a way that I didn't want to waste time again and felt I'd be in search for the '1'. And the days are coming to an end here soon. I'd really like to find someone who's ready the way I am to make the Lord happy. And hopefully bear Him fruit. So... Idk. All I can say is I'm looking to make someone as happy as I'd like to be myself. Oh, btw my name is Will & I have a YT channel called NautilusNews* -All 1 word with the asterisk*. And I plan on taking a shot at Cartography. As I'd like to present the world with an updated map of the Earth as the Good Lord has presented it to me. There's a lot of maps out there. And while there's much truth to them, they are encoded in deceit. No one has ever really know where they live. Save those who would keep it a secret. But I plan to change all that. Given the time & steady hand...
First Date
Lol. 30 yrs single. Whatever we do, I just pray not to screw it up. If we make it to that point, You'll see the best in me I'm sure. But really.. what's there to enjoy except each other right? We've spent enough time doing. It's time to start meeting, knowing & Loving...
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