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Hello, I'm Jonathan. Since my profile is becoming quite an essay I have decided to write a brief introduction:
I'm a traditional, old fashioned, conservative, Christian striving to live for my Lord an Savior Jesus Christ. I love taking walks, reading old books, drawing, Old English country dancing, and playing board-games. I find joy in taking discussions to a deeper level, regardless of whether the topic is Movies or Theology. Though this all sounds quite serious I am a jolly man and find joy in the most simple things. I believe in chivalry and being a gentleman, though I have no doubt I would be a complete boor compared to any real gentleman from olden times. The Lord has blessed me with chastity and I intend to save any intimacy exclusively for my wife. I'm looking for an old fashioned girl who want's to start a family and who is also interested in homeschooling. If this introduction makes you smile please read on for more about me.

I am most passionate about striving to serve my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus in all that I do. Understanding, exploring, and enjoying the beautiful and fascinating world God has created. I love it when I can help a friend think through hard topics they have questions on and point them towards Christ and the Truth. It's always gratifying to see someone's eyes light up after you tell them something they didn't think of before, it makes me so happy to be able to help people grow in the knowledge of Christ.

I hope to find a traditional, old fashioned Christian girl who would love to be a mother as much as I would love to be a father and wants to home-school however many kids the Lord blesses us with. Someone I can weather the storms of life with: Side by side in a devoted lifelong marriage. I would also be overjoyed to share my journey pursuing Christian wisdom and virtue. To have someone who will encourage me, in love, to strive to be better than I am.

Whenever I get the chance I like to do Old English country dancing, which is the kind of dancing you see in movies like Pride and Prejudice. We don't dress up but it's still a lot of fun! My family and I like to take walks in the woods every chance we get. It's so enjoyable to just be in nature and experience all the wonderful things in creation. I like to read classic literature. I love having conversations that go on for hours and jump from subject to subject: Exploring hypothesis and the truth or falsehood of beliefs. I have a blog that I write occasionally. I have also begun to enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, it's great when you get a recipe just right!
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