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HI! I'm a working artist with some celebrity collectors.

have mentored the younger gen. (people 20-30 yrs younger...) in arts and philosophy (as in - Francis Schaeffer style) for years. Am evangelistic w/ my art- but not in a "YOU better repent or die" ....full frontal 'attack' mode---but subtly thru the themes of my art- which make playful fun of the shallowness of our culture---

have my MFA. in painting and drawing
that body of work is all about- Jesus as an emotional being- (a visual topic --rarely done in the history Of Christian art)

i say 'that body of work'- bc I have 2 major bodies of work created over a few decades/

my 1st (and movie/ film star collected) body of work is about the rock and roll icons (like the beatles, the stones, elvis, dylan= etc.) it illuminates them as real people not as 'gods' or superior beings just bc they r famous/ this is a lie which young get trapped in/ it creates lust s for identities outside of the abilities and talents God gave them- ie: major confusion about their identity/

i love 2 read , converse (about a zillion things...) -
am not superficial or too 'girly' for instance- I like to get sandy and sweaty in the ocean- with my dog who is a 18 mo old very smart German shepherd...

i've been learning and incorporating and teaching healing ministry int my regular every day life and walk w/ Christ---for about 5 years now-
and have seen God heal over 20 people instantly...
also I am 'called' to be a prophet' and am in training 4 that....

i'm recently separated -
from a man who works for the dept of the army in Colorado. I lived in CO for 11 yrs.
he is a good friend but did not want 2 walk w/ God in the 'moral' arena of life-

so i am taking things slowly-
not really dating yet
but may if right man shows up__-(ie. if it's God's timing 4 me)

my name is Kata Billups
my name has lots of search engines which easily find me and my art work.
THX 4 reading!
God is LOve
God is Wisdom,
God is Light!!!
First Date
coffee? beer? walk on beach w my dog (and yours???)
/ talking/ LISTENING-------+++++++++++
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