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Currently reside in Ohio. I ask that you be willing to travel and / or relocate (as I am) I trust, and pray for your understanding.
Who I am? Unbound and free in Christ.., and it would be fantastic to find ONE woman who was also. So.., here I am.., being refined, imperfect.., but willing IN Christ. Thus.., if you are surrendered and yielded as I am - whose words AND actions are “ordered by the Lord”.., there are possibilities here. If not.., this could be a great ministry and / or friendship opportunity for both of us.
I don't "walk a fence line".., My Lord and My King is clear and personal to me. There is no differentiation within me.., I'm just 100% "sold out". I am His and not my own. NOT ONE PERSON is disposable...
I've been called “deep”, "zealous", and / or “intense”. I feel I’m a pure giver, without anger, quick to forgive (and forget), dedicated, trustworthy, patient, honest, God chaser, hearer / listener, studier, compromiser, encourager and friend. I am twice retired. Integrity is huge.., as well as personal promise keeping and self – sacrificing. So.., if you say you're willing to meet half - way in anything / everything.., it just might work. My favorite scripture; “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”.
I have met 2 ladies in my years who were “hand - maidens" to Our most high God.., now.., I'm open for 1 just for me, and opportunity to demonstrate the agape thing. She would be "sold out" 7 days per week, and also unbound and free. There would be a clear distinction between the flesh and Spirit.., and her heart would be set upon Godly things first - in all things spoken, and performed. She would hold no unforgiveness (past, present, future), not be afraid of losing her own identity for the greater cause of Christ – together, not be a “World view” person, live beyond the “shoe box” of life, and be aware of the commandments to mankind, husbands, and wives.
I am absolutely not; a taker, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, skinny, over weight, a “right fighter”, self – centered, focused in the rear - view mirror (of life), woman chaser or player, world conformed, hold a grudge, immature, assumptuous, a self – preservationist.
What I enjoy; life, loving, country drives, car shows / classic cars (I have one), window shopping, antiques, auctions, flea markets, drag racing, basketball, home improvement.
“Today” is only given once. Mankind should purpose to enjoy every moment, take very little (if anything) for granted, and be a blessing to others.
May God’s grace, discernment, and peace, be with you as you search.
First Date
What she would want to do, or what we agree upon (it takes 2).
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