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This is about 8 years old and just got back on this site 2-10-19 so will be doing some revisions. Most all of it is still true except for pics and a few other dated kinds of areas. I am a, loving, caring, fun-loving, easy going, intelligent, committed Christian who is still growing and learning how to walk with Christ on a daily basis. I am looking for someone who shares the desire to be genuine and open in their walk with God and others. The direction of my life has been more and more of brokenness before God because of my past "lukewarmness" and instead asking Him for a greater desire for a meaningful relationship with Him verses His blessings and the things of this life.

I love the outdoors, just about any kind of sports either as an observer or as an active participant. I especially like hiking in scenic areas, with just a little bit of a challenge up to a more aggressive terrain as reasonable for a 50 year old. I am over 50, but can keep up with most who are much younger. I still run for fun and like softball or football, just not for distance.

I have learned to enjoy most any kind of activity my partner likes doing, as my " love language" (from the book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman),is mainly, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. Mainly I just enjoy doing things together, as in work around the house or yard, recreation, church, studying the Word. I do know it is also important to give each other some space to themselves. you know, like abalanced life kind of idea, right?

I am into reading a variety of literature. I am a good listener and contrary to the stereotype that men don't do good at communicating, I am all for intimate and honest conversations. By intimate I am not referring to the sexual kind, although being romantic is great.

I follow politics to some degree, (I am definitely a conservative, Reagan style), I also believe that Bible prophecy is literally being fulfilled more rapidly than ever before. I am not fanatical, don't set dates, but think it is hard to deny that "the signs of the times are everywhere"!! I believe the Scriptures make it plain that the key is what is going on in Israel. They are God's "timepiece" when it comes knowing where we are at as far Christ's coming back.

Since coming back to a once again exciting relationship with God, I have been amazed at the depth of the battle that has gone on in my heart to desire God alone instead of the kind of mindset that I am entitled to what will make me happy, including finding a wife. I wonder how many others there are out there who recognize this battle going on in their hearts. It usually takes some deep hurts or trials in our lives to get our attention to be willing to let God expose the emptiness of our hearts toward Him. It is not flattering to see this truth in my own life, but by God's grace and mercy He is gradually filling me with His presence and satisfaction of knowing what really counts with Him for eternity. God has brought me much closer to Himself since I first wrote this six months ago.

This kind of talk probably isn't going to attract many of you and that is okay because I am learning what really satisfies is a life completely transparent to Him. If you have been there you know what I am talking about. In this short space it is easy to be misunderstood, but would love to go into more detail with a "soul mate" who truly desires God and to learn together how He wants us to be a witness of his grace to others in these "last days"

While in Bible college, years ago, I was challenged to choose a life verse. I chose Ps 62:5 which says, My soul wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him alone." How many times I have set my expectation on things or people and have often been disappointed or unfulfilled. I am finally getting the message after many painful disciplines by God for my good. It is one of my goals to help others find the same joy and true contentment when we rest in all that God has for those who want Him most of all. I trust God has someone out there who shares that kind of life together.

PS: My pictures
Since this won't let me edit some portions of my profile, I think it is not a deal breaker if someone is a social drinker or an occassional drinker. It is not a big issue for me.

PS: I just got back on this site as of Feb 10, 2019 so have to bring it up to date including the pics ( I have to find out how to do that!. Now I know why some of you thought I was moving to AZ. Been there done that now in beautiful Colo. Spgs.
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I am open to whatever you feel comfortable with. I am open from very simple to something creative.
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