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To God be the glory!

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Las Vegas
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2 Yr College Degree
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I love the outdoors: hiking, camping, sightseeing, swimming, fishing (no hunting please), riding motorcycles (my fav!!!), disc golf, volleyball, board game, skiing... anything!
About Me
I'm a follower of Christ and take my faith seriously, since Jesus took it very seriously on the cross for me too.
I moved to USA a year ago so I'm still (kind of) new to the country. Learning about other cultures is very interesting, though America is a mix of cultures. Romania it's a beautiful country, with amazing nature, 4 seasons and...I moved to the desert (because of my family). It's not exactly my dream and that's why I know for sure I won't retire from this place. I want to see GREEN around, not red rocks :)) in the summer I want to stay more outside. Impossible here! I want to hear the river, the water, smell the cold air after a rain, shovel the snow in the winter and come inside the house with cold hands (and then warm them up in front of a fireplace (or your neck, whichever is closer :)) ) Any suggestions where I can find a place like that in USA?? I've heard North Carolina. Lol. That's what I like about America: you can move anywhere you want. You find a job somewhere else and you just...move. This is so different from my culture, haha. I love it! I want to travel in all 50 states so I'm gonna make a plan with all the "must see" sightseeing and Go for it. Apparently Jesus will be coming back pretty soon, I do believe we are living in our last days and the chances that this generation might be the one raptured are very high (I'm not certain about these things, as is impossible to know for sure, but "when the leaves are falling from the tree, the fall is close". So...I need to hurry up and get my 50 pictures with "Welcome to North Carolina, Montana, Hawaii (yes!!!), etc...

As for what kind of man am I interested in? Only followers of Christ! Not just any Christian! Especially not those that follow Christ only on Sun, but Mon through Sat they live a worldly life, using the excuse "hey, I'm not perfect, I'm just a human!" If you belong to Jesus and the Holy Spirit lives in you, than you ARE perfect in the eyes of the Father! So you should live by that standard. I am... and yes it's hard, but Jesus is worthy! Just like (I don't know how?!) I was worthy for Him, to died for me (?!?!?!?)
God bless you all and may God give us ALL the desires of our hearts! (But be careful: where your heart is, thats where your treasure is also).
First Date
Should be casual with no expectations!
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