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Tips for CDFF, newcomers and foreigners:

IŽm not a newcomer here, I know some robes.

If you are "new" (like I was) donŽt let yourselves to be tricked.

Has a child invited you to leave CDFF?
Did they send you a PM where you have found her/his "personal" email in your private tray?

Be careful! Use another account and NOT your dearer or personal one. You might be tricked by spiders, spammed or scammers. However, no need to be paranoid!

You may find out here many "nice" looking profiles where they would "promise" sending you pictures...
Do you need more pictures to be known, appreciated or accepted?

Keep in mind some emails are used in banking, on facebookn and itŽs advisable to be smart as Jesus told us.

Newcomers need to be advised some profiles are:

1) Uttery abandoned: Those who wrote it once left when they felt they were worn out, tired of seeking their "perfect" match or, perhaps, GOD gave them a loving person outside, in their real life. Congrats! Their search is over.

2) Some were Hurt and Left: These are/were oversensitive, afraid to vent some of their disappointments (here) and ventured to try virtual sites outside (a good thing, sometimes, but itŽs not free not safer). I have seen there are SEVERAL persons who gave themselves a second, and more than a third chance (Like me!).
Those lessons they got may serve SOME OF US. I admired one lady who made her profile so clear and perfect, that I would have liked her to be my next door friend (but we are two worlds apart).

3) Some are mean, self-centered and somehow stingy (Like everywhere): If you are one of those who share too little about THE REAL PERSON YOU ARE, you would hurt -cheat- and lied those who believed the way you said you are, the way you needed to be seen (to be believed and cherished). So I recommend you to be honest, be TRUE.
Otherwise, youŽre wasting your time (and somebodyŽs else) on CDFF. Are you willing to "help" as an agent provocateur? :nahnah:
Excuse me! I donŽt that type of people. I have wasted too many time. :laugh:

4) Faked IDs: I cannot tell all that I know (or believed). I will not tell fakers (or liars) those things I know, because I could be making "perfect" their tricks (That would make our search messier and complicated).

ChristianŽs settled-down Standards ARE ABOVE ALL of these guys. I know that CDFF is visited by outsiders, unbelievers, scammers and spammers, and thereŽs no way to stop / control them ("By their fruits" the will be known) So my prayer is, for you newcomers, it is you find your Mr Right (or your Mrs Right).

ThereŽs no way to prevent their cheating and, if you ever pay too little attention to the one you gave some hope -some winks- and the flip of the like button, donŽt get upset if you are left alone when that person FINDS ANOTHER.
On the other hand, if you donŽt give the attention someone NEEDS (I mean, the one youŽve approached wholeheartedly) he or they would seek the person they feel they need (although I KNOW you could be the best choice -or option- they might be missing) but the heart is EMPTY, sometimes, and we need it filled, abundantly, with those things weŽve missed.

DonŽt feel you are alone!
We all learn to help or to teach another people: Much more if they belong to the family of Jesus Christ.

Oh! May I ask YOU a quick prayer for me? :prayingm:

I donŽt need anything more than any of you -GOD knows- I would like to ask your prayers so that GOD may help me see what I really need (to be given) before I grow TOO OLD or I felt discouraged, to be in the surveyed list of those who left, when feeling disappointed or hurt.

Thanks to these anonimous workers! :excited:

Well, When I left this site I wasnŽt doing my best. I noticed there were too many abandoned profiles on CDFFŽs server, and now it seems it has changed.

I wish I could have few but dear friends. I donŽt come too often to be connected and I wish you also the best.


I have liked those I have said I liked or winked.

I never had the chance to interact with Asian people, so I owed CDFF the due credit as well as the people who left their inputs on these servers.

I donŽt know what would happen soon! If I get the lottery (He! He!) I think I would try to visit some places I never thought about visiting, but I owe all this to the people I sent a WINK or a personal message.

IŽm not overconcerned on their reaction, their being true or not, I just enjoyed those minutes I paid attention reading those profiles I gave my attetion or words (in the past), and IŽm happy some of them are real persons, not invented profiles (catfish) to draw attention and money (and thing I donŽt have) but I do hate those who created victims of that abuse, cheating or hurt.


Another tip, sent on Sept 2017

Yesterday and today (Sept 24, 2017) I had time to check some profiles and this forum.

It sadens to see ppl discouraged, broken hearted or disappointed...

I bet seeking online a friend or and online partner is better than trying to find "them" in a street or at the subway...

My essential tip -today- is show WHO you are, expose your full figure, your face (not your wallet) and trust God.

I have an account in FB and, those I personally met are not my friends, not even my daughter! And the reason is EACH PERSON SEEKS FOR WHAT THEY LONG AND BELONG.

My daughter looks after her own age and the type of friendship similar pals would give at their age and, as a tip for old men (like me) do not get surprised if you see cougars liking after young men, sin Booz was BLESSED with Ruth.

Is it clear?
First Date
Shake hands? Who knows! But I willn't lie telling "romantics" things lure away.

Friendship is sought, this side!

However, don't get mad or disappointed if someone said honestly:

"we all have our own decisions and we have the right to choose to whom we talk or not."

Each pick what they think "it serves me (or you)"

Addendum (Oct 2017) to let you to be adviced

I care you were older than me but, this is for you to know:

If you have set certain limit of age IN YOUR PROFILE DATA, no one older than those 55 YEARS would be aLlowed to write you, unless you wrote then 1st, since the system blocks him, by default.
I know it because I tried to write other ppl, without noticing they set a CERTAIN limit of age (or a limited range for a country).
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Tips for newcomers
Yesterday and today (Sept 24, 2017) I had time to check some profiles and this forum.

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