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Hello, my name is Kevin. I am 31 years old. Yes I look young. Apparently I will live longer, because of my appearance, so there's that. If people who look younger than their age live longer, medically speaking, and the Bible says I will live longer because I honor my parents, so perhaps people with baby faces are simply people who honored their parents better than other.

The elephant on the site is I am divorced. My ex-wife left my children and I back in December 2013. It shocked me of how accepting modern Christians are, of this. As Paul makes it clear that most who divorce are to remain unmarried or it is sin. That being said, I am quite confident that I am among those Paul says could remarry, without concern, but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I have custody of my two children (son 10 and daughter 12). But my goal for a partner is for my sake, and not theirs. I have parenting down, and my small humans are pretty great people. So I don't need a partner who's goal is to become their "mom," I need one who's goal is to become my wife. Which I believe would lead her to be a great influence and role model for my children as a by-product.

I believe in separate roles for husband and wife. I also reject the "separate but equal" mentality. We are equal, in Christ. We are not equal, in roles. Just as Christ has authority over his Church, the Church has blessings in submission. So no, I am not a feminist. Neither were Jesus and Paul. (even though their teachings of different roles would lead to the most rights for women in the known world at the time)

I am opinionated both about politics and religion. Unfortunately I believe the "I don't get involved with politics" approach is the reason why the only people involved are evil and corrupt, and actively destroying our country. And while I am staunchly conservative, I likely criticize the right more than the left. The left are wicked and evil, but the right's lazy and apathetic nature, is what has allowed the pendulum to swing to such extreme ends. After all, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I have the same sort of philosophy with Christians. I don't often argue with atheists (though I will when they start spouting lies about the Bible), rather it's Christians who I am usually hardest against. The modern Church's friendliness with the world, has made, itself, God's enemy. (James 4:4). People who love quoting "we're not supposed to judge," need to read the end of the passage that says, "then you can remove the speck from your brother's eye." Rebuking those who are in the wrong is a command. As is driving out those who will not repent of their sin. Not only in the Old Testament, but churches are to do it in the New as well.

See, very opinionated.
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Single dad from Canada
I'm 31, from Manitoba, and my kids are 11 and 10. Looking for folks to chat with!...
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