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I'll try to make this short. I don't think many people are fond of reading walls of text.

I am a person who enjoys simple things. When it comes to fun I can either bury my head into a good book, learn about other different things(or refining), or enjoy playing video games. A lot of times I'm just sitting around trying to do research, or RP with my small group of friends, so I suppose I'm a homebody. That doesn't mean I won't go out in the world and explore! I'm a gamer who's also a fan of anime. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, well...

If I had to point out some goals in mind, it's to become better in writing. There's also the part where I want to go to college. A Master's in Accounting! It's a goal that I'm heading for this year. You're probably wondering, "you're 24! What took you so long to decide that?!" Well, it's complicated. Family, problems - all that jazz. If you want to know more just ask.

As for myself, like I said I'm very simple. I can be a nice guy or a complete sarcastic mess, depending on the situation of course. Before you say anything - NO, not that kind of nice guy. I actually do have a spine. I'm not going to be pushed around in the relationship AT ALL. Equality is king.

Yes, I do not have a car. Driving is for the weak that can't walk.
(Joking! But seriously, I don't think I can drive in a state where accidents happen at every turn. Just lemme pay the gas bill.)

I do suffer from social anxiety, but it is improving as I talk and meet people. If that is a concern, I certainly understand!

Huh. Maybe that was a bit long. Well, if you want to know anything else, message me! Or I'll just message you!

While I am not a firm believer, I do respect the teachings of all denominations of religion. I'm not against going to church, just give me time!
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Something simple, like a walk on the beach or the park. Maybe even a picnic!
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