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A Woman of Virtue

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The Good Word says that blessed is he that findth a wife. It can be quite challenging seeking (or rather for a woman awaiting) the arrival of a significant other. So many challenges in these modern times that prevent transparency or even people being comfortable to be their authentic selves. I am a believer that love is not a requirement in life. To quote “Jerry McGuire”, you don’t need (hense the word NEED) someone to “complete you”. What does that mean? We can survive without love. What are the necessities in life for survival? Food, water, and air. People take love for granted assuming that love has to be there. Love is a luxury that is not afforded to many. Once we realize that we can actually live without it, this will give us an appreciation for it and not take it for granted. I’m a simple person. I adore God. I’m a mother of a genius. (Absolutely adore him.) Yes, I was once married and I’m proud to say that he and I are not X’s, we are good friends that have joined in a partnership of raising our son. I observe the weekly Sabbaths. I do not observe Catholic Dogma or Catholic traditions, ie Xmas, Easter, Halloween, or any other traditions of pagan origin.

I’ve been in training. Sometimes you have to watch what you pray for because the MostHigh just might give it to you. Several years ago and shortly after my divorce, I prayed for another opportunity. I had my “fun” being single and was ready to become a wife. Howbeit, I knew that I wasn’t ready. I asked the MostHigh to prepare me, to make me ready. I’ve been in training, for years even. He’s pruned and purged me and tilled the land. He’s allowed the land to rest during a Sabbatical and planted new seeds. It is now harvest time and I bear fruits of humility, submissiveness, awareness, coupled with strength, integrity, wisdom, and peace. I’m proud of the woman that HE has made me. I’m proud to be a virtuous woman. I understand that to be a wife, there is a protocol that must be understood. God first above all things and man is the head of woman. A woman of the MostHigh God must be her husbands support, his best friend, his confidant, his spiritual consultant, his nurturer, his balance, his love, his relief, his peace. If you seek to obey the word and eskew Catholic rituals and dogma. If you practice walking in His word daily, send me a msg. Otherwise may the MostHigh lead you and bless you. Shalom.
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