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Dancing, camping, traveling, learning new skills and languages, writing novels in about me sections..get ready -->
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When life throws you lemons, is it easy peasy lemon squeezy? Or stressy depressy lemon zesty?
Okay back to being serious, Well I am rededicated to Christ. I grew up in church,served in so much for years but then was backslidden for over 10 years and did it my way. Learned it's better in life with him than without and now I'm back like the prodigal son and ready to obey him. I've had my share of bad pairings and this time around I dont even want to deal with unequally yoked relationships. if you're into cracking your bible hmu I have a dog who's name is Albere and that's the only kid I have. Can we leave the rest for conversation?
***I've noticed a resounding sense of urgency for companionship and connection on here (guilty too) and I'd like to just share some encouragement with my fellow brothers in Christ, what I am also learning.
You are worth the wait, and waiting is worth it! God allows us to be in certain seasons of our lives longer than we feel we have to, and not for punishment, but for development. If everybody sees you right now, they will judge you for your Jacob character and not your Israel transformation.
Be thankful for closed doors! Closed doors allow you to get dressed. God says theres some stuff I dont want them to see. It could be a cellulite of pride, a jelly roll of anger issues, and they're not going to see how powerful, gifted, and awesome YOU are. Allow me to close the door so you can get undressed in culture and dressed in kingdom! Could God be dressing you for the future? I know he is with me.
God has us in a place for a reason, and he is not surprised. He knows how old you are, the position you are in life, he knows our end before our beginning. Dont get frustrated with the wait. He has not forgotten you, hes developing you. He is shaping you, pruning you, and watering you while you are planted in a season. And God loves you so much that he is not going to send you someone or something prematurely or send you prematurely because we can mess things up when were not ready! (My own Light bulb clicks) you're worth it to him that much! Think that it is better to be underexposed and overdeveloped than overexposed and underdeveloped.
Sometimes alot of us have the wrong perspective including me. We ask God, "get me out of this season!" Versus "what am I supposed to learn in this season?" You want to transition seasons without realizing your current season isnt over. You say God I'm ready for spring, but he says you still look like winter. You have that icicle of what they put you through still on you, that frostbite of what you went through, and you need to thaw out. If i transition you now, you will not be able to embrace the pollination of a new season!
You are worth God's plan for your life. Joseph was a dreamer. He went from dreaming dreams to interpreting dreams while in prison meant for punishment! In this we see growth and maturity of a gift. Anytime you're in a situation that feels like punishment but your gift is going through development, you're labeling your season wrong. It's not punishment, its development. What God is trying to do in you is bigger than what you're waiting for, embrace this season.
If you've read this far, youre a trooper! I pray that this edifies and strengthens your spirit as it did mine. Let me know how you think and feel.
So there are some things I'm looking for and hoping that a Christian man is checked off since I'm on here. No kids im sorry... I'd be a first timer and I'd like whom im serious with as well. When I decide to start dating again it will be intentionally and have not excluded the idea of someone out of my area since I havent met anyone suitable that is in my area. As for now, let's be friends. Let's uplift each other. Thank you! God bless you!
First Date
Honestly going to a service sounds good to me, or dinner. If both took place on the same day idk I'd call it almost perfect lol but seriously anywhere that isn't hard to carry a conversation.

Let's go fishing? my dad said he'd take me one day and never has and even though I dont hold a grudge I'm still bent about not fishing yet. Although, youll have to put the bait on the hook if its live and I'll throw and hold the fishing rod til we catch something and pull it back. Then you'll have to take the hook out because I cant and back on shore I'll cook it for us. Im telling you, I can see it now, the date will be just *chef's kiss*.
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