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A Marriage Partner
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st peter
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Every week
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Sure, why not
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4 Yr College Degree
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ministry of works
humor and a God fearing
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i am a man who have big respect� for a lady, i am a man with whom a lady can confide her deepest secrets, and cry in front of without feeling embarrassed.� i am man who knows when to worry and when to lead� a lady with strong hands through a dark storm in her life, i am a man who loves Jesus and i will respect my woman and will worship with her

i am a man who maintains boundaries within his relationship. i am� A man who knows the importance of self-privacy, emotional space and how to balance togetherness and individuality.� i am A man who can gives a lady the freedom to be who she his and encourages her to become the best version of herself every single day.

i am a man who will be excitedly nervous� morning and night when ever i set my eyes on my woman .� i am A man who won�t hold back his tears when he sees you walking down the aisle because had waited for that moment all of my life.

i am A man who�s ready to spend his entire lifetime fulfilling the responsibilities and promises to you. i am A man who will always be honored to call you my everything, my wife. i am a man who isn�t afraid to love and be committed to a relationship non matter the distance. i am A man who can admit his mistakes and extend forgiveness. i am A man who is willing to sacrifice my hobbies and make you one of my top priorities.

i am a man who will accepts your faults and doesn�t try to fix them. i am� A man who knows those imperfections make you perfectly fit for him.� i am A man who will always reminds you that you are the most beautiful person in my eyes and you�re the best gift i has ever received from GOD.� i am A man who tells you these things every morning you wake up.

i am a man who can pray for you and pray with you. i am A man who isn�t afraid to fall to his knees to tell you how much i love you in the public place without caring what the world will think of me.�

i am a man who has his own life goals, but� also supportive of you. i am� A man who respects a lady decisions and never judges her by� her mistakes.� i am A man who can motivates you and reminds you to give yourself room to breathe whenever you face too much pressure and adversity. i am A man who will greet you with a smile after a long tiring day at work.

i am� a man who will creates an atmosphere of safety, happiness, and contentment within his relationship. i am A man who will walk beside you and lead you. i am� A man who will stay up late with you to watch your favorite movie even though you have watched it more than ten times already.� i am A man who will take photos of you secretly when you�re on a date with me because he wants to treasure precious moments with you.

i am a man who can't promise to travel the whole world with you, but vows to grow old with you. i am A man who can wait all day and be your honest critic when you go shopping. i am A man who surprises you with simple efforts and gestures. i am A man who will always tell you how much he adores you, from your smiles to your soul.

i am a man who will loves you� regardless of the obstacles this world brings
First Date
meeting in the restaurant with a romatic diner, and i will take her hands to wolk round the city
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