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God always first. I'm pretty educated in the word (a fan of the kjv) and many things that goes on in the world, but still I'm always learning and still need to improve in some areas in my walk, I'm not a perfect Christian. But I do love the word, and like to study it and watch/listen to sermons. I'm introverted, very silly, goofy, nerdy, loyal, kid at heart(but mature), Honest, assertive, straightforward, and can be pretty blunt, and very nice. But also I can be very serious. I'm a man of my word, and I've NEVER played anyone NOR cheated in my very few past relationships I've been in. If we begin speaking and sharing the word, and you suddenly lost interest one day in speaking or whatever, please do not keep forcing yourself on messaging me, move on. I can handle the truth, trust me. And please don't try to keep me around as a backup.

Besides that, I have my eyes out for a Godly woman who takes her faith seriously, never been married, non-smoker, doesn't have any kids, and is open to learning more about God and the things that goes on in the world, and loves God more than me, and cool with my playful/goofy/nerdy personality. Also I don't have a preference in terms of nationality or skin color, so I'm into all, but I do like them shorter than me. But I prefer the God given all natural beauty of a woman, rather than the full facial makeup type; artificial beauty, no offense, some cosmetics are fine though. Weave is okay too, as long as you don't wear it excessively, because if you didn't know it can cause permanent damages to your hair ( aka traction alopecia) especially your edges, chemicals can cause damage too, just saying. Send wink if interested. Wink will probably be better, so I can read your profile and see if we might be compatible, so you won't waste your time writing a message. Also if we do start messaging, please no hard feelings if I don't want to take things further. Also I know looks isn't everything, but please have more than one clear photo of yourself, this is a dating site afterall. Also I'm allergic to cats so If you have cats it won't work. Also I HATE racism, so if you got a problem with any race of people, move on, cause God kingdom will not be divided and hatefulness will not be tolerated, and that means you're not a true follower of Christ.

I'm not interested in Catholicism, if you knew the Bible and actually knew the Catholic doctrine and the Catholic catechism, you probably would rethink that denomination and see the contradictions. Not trying to offend, but I'm just following the bible, read and study for yourself. We can talk about it if one would like.

One more thing, just to get it out of the way, because I know it is a deal breaker for some. Even though I've always believed in God, I did use to live the way of the world. So no I'm not a virgin, but I am putting all the immortality behind me. Also I never was into clubs or drugs, etc either.
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