I am looking for someone who is funny and dependable. A best friend-like person. Handy is good, too.

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drawing, gardening, nature, cats, movies (especially animation)
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I'm very witty and a bit snarky. I love a good laugh but also appreciate nostalgia, a simple life, travel, and the little things.

I love gardening. I love nature and the country and hate cities (fine to visit, terrible to live in). I like road trips, snow, forests, mountains, stargazing, and memes. I make a lot of references to various shows, particularly animated ones (but not so much anime). I prefer clean humor and language. I also take my time with most things.

Looking for someone between 25 and 30 (no more than 33 or it starts to get creepy, folks-- don'tbe creepy please) who lives in the USA and is white (especially with blue eyes). No offense, I just have never been attracted to other races, that's all. I'm not a fan of tattoos (might tolerate a small one, but in general it's a turn-off).

Most importantly after being a born-again believer, you gotta be funny. Witty banter and clever language is the key. You won't get far without it. Guaranteed.

Here are some tips if you're having a hard time. These are some of the reasons I'll skip over profiles and how to fix them. It's not a guarantee of success, but I think it'll give you a better chance. This goes for other women, too.

1. Have a good photo of yourself. Good light, no hats or sunglasses (we want to see your eyes). Also avoid taking selfies where you're looking down- gives you a double chin look and it's creepy and unattractive. Get a friend to take a good picture, or do a google search on how to take a nice selfie. You're using an app. You have a smartphone. You can do this. Don't have only group shots. I can't tell which one is you.

2. Don't take a shirtless shot as your main pic. But do have at least one pic (not necessarily shirtless) that shows as far down as your torso. We want to know your body type. You can have more than one pic.

3. Fill out your profile. We want to know if your passions are anything like ours. What do you want in life? Are we going to fit into that? Are you going to mesh well with us? Where do you want to live? It's very important (and it helps you not look like a robot).

4. Do. Not. Flatter. (right away) If your opening line is anything like "Hey beautiful" then you can just expect rejection. It comes off as creepy and shallow (at least to me). It makes us wonder if you're serious here or if you're treating this like tinder. (Did you even read the profile I put together or did you just see my pic and thought I was cute?) What you should do instead is find something in the person's profile and start with that. "You like cats. Do you have any? What's their name?" It's important to read the profiles. I do.

5. Pay attention to your chats. I have had many confusing chats where I've answered questions that got asked again. And I've had to ask the same question over and over again and still no answer. It's annoying and makes me feel like you're not really interested, so why are we talking?

6. Be honest about your intentions. If we start chatting and you decide you're not feeling it, just say so. Be polite, of course, but ghosting should only be used to get rid of scary people, not nice ones. I am an adult. You can tell me if you're not interested; I don't bite. (But if you still like me as a person, and I still think you're cool, too, then I am always down to make friends! We don't have to be romantic.)

7. Try to stay in your preference parameters. I'm not going to give guys the time of day who are old enough to be my father. I think it's gross. I have my age range set on purpose. If you ignore things like that, expect a less than excited reaction. (Personally, I might entertain 1 or 2 years over, but listen, a man's life expectancy is less than a woman's and I want to have a long, happy marriage, not a short one. That said, going younger to me is fine, but only to a point.) In other words, I have reasons for why I specify what I want. Respect that. I've had a lot of time to think about this.
First Date
Bowling would be fun. Or a hike. Or an amusement park!
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