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About Me
So what is it that you look for, in a relationship? Love, Trust, Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Devotion, Mercy, Grace OR Acceptance? So here is the sad truth that no one can ever be perfect in any of these, except God. The longing that WE ALL have for these is real because God placed it within us, everyone of us. Where we all get into trouble is that we think someone, or something can actually fill us, and so we pursue them, power , prestige, fame, money, or passion. It will leave you even more empty and sometimes even bitter, angry and hurt when we put anything above God. Even Good things, if God is not first place in our heart, mind, soul, time, energy and efforts, then we will face pain, sorrow, and never find peace. Usually there is always the lingering feeling something is not right. Please do not misunderstand, I am ALL for ALL of these things, and long to experience them in a relationship someday, Lord willing. But I must first be filled and receive these from God, He unfailing source of Love , ACCEPTANCE, GRACE and Mercy. Only once I walk daily being first filled by God, can I have hope of a somewhat healthy relationship with others. I LOVE to LOVE, I am kind, caring, giving, thoughtful, so much more so now, because I can operate out of an abundance, rather than a deficient.

So I really feel led to share what God is teaching me. GOD and GOD ALONE created that hole in your heart that only HE can and WILL fill when we seek Him first and most. If you you are looking for something or someone to fulfill you or fill you up. you WILL ALWAYS BE DISAPPOINTED. SORRY that is the Truth. That is not to say that I do not believe in relationships, because God created us for relationships. He is what I desire and What GOD desires as well that we, WE Serve God by loving others OUT OF THE SURPLUS of God's LOVE over-flowing in our hearts.

First, I will apologize I am all over the place here and it is lengthy but hope it helps! When both husband and wife serve each other to meet the other's need because they are already full, instead of seeking to meet their own needs through the relationship, that is when GOD TRULY BLESSES the marriage. It starts with Friendship, intentionally seeking to know each other, and learn what makes each other tick, what moves and excites them. Intentionally purposefully spending time reading God's word and praying together, "The cord of three strands is NOT easily broken. Husband, Wife and God are the three strands. I want my wife to have and affair with God, to be SO in Love with God, equally I am in an affair with God, seeking to KNOW Him, His Heart, His Desires and HIS LOVE, receiving His Extravagant LOVE each moment so that I can give out of the Surplus overflowing. The Only thing in my life I have control of are my choices and my reactions to other's choices, it is my hope and prayer that I will receive God's LOVE and be His HANDS and FEET first to my Wife, then kids and family then to my Neighbors (whomever God bring into my life). I am seeking someone with THIS same passion and view and desire, who desires not to complete me , but to compliment me, serve together and buckle up and enjoy the journey together. Excited to see Who God brings to me.

My name means” Rock” I am named after an apostle, and a lot like him in personality. I am a son of God, saved, by the blood of Christ, filled by His Spirit and devoted unashamedly to serving Him.

I love how God pursues us unrelenting, He has been doing so for some time. He will use tragedy and loss if necessary, to get our attention. I have been married and have lived the devastation of not putting God first in a marriage AND have lived through the of being betrayed. God thankfully is working in my heart and in my mind, and spirit. I have chosen to be thankful for what time I had, and to grow in His Grace, Mercy and Love, I choose NOT to be bitter but to be better. I chose to seek joy and gratitude for each new day that He give to me, and I have been rewarded by His sweet Presence I worked hard to save marriage, marriage retreat, marriage cruise, marriage counseling, many books, much prayer, but marriage requires two committed and devoted partners.

***** I want nothing more than to honor Him, which means NO premarital sex, no hook-ups. I do believe that God will honor the marriage when both partners as committed to purity. *****

I have always had a heart to serve God, and have been active in Children’s ministry, Youth Ministry, Served on Worship teams and Choirs, Awanas (children’s), Upwards, led small groups, mentored/sponsored Youth Praise Team. The reason I love serving Children’s and Youth ministries is I love to be a big kid, wrestling, playing Ball, building relationships to have an opportunity to share God, love, grace.

So what kind of husband and father will I be, well I will honor my wife, I will fight for her and for her heart, that is I will pray earnestly for her, I also desire to pursue her beauty, that is to know her, body, mind, spirit, what drives her, what calls to her heart, what bring her joy. My hope and prayer is that the answer will be Jesus. I also hope to share life and invite her on an adventure, serving God together. Spending time together in prayer, reading God’s word together, and encouraging growth. I will be her Champion, Supporter, Encourager, Strength, Comfort, Lover, Helper, Partner, Spiritual leader, (not to take God’s place, but to SERVE her as God’s Hand’s and Feet).

I have always been active in parenting, waking each night to feed and change child, so that mama can get rest. I have tried to be the spiritual leader in the home, reading the bible, family devotions, Veggie Tales, PSalty the Singing Songbook. I seek to help our children to find their passion and then teach them how they can serve God using their passion.

I am praying that my partner has passion for God first and foremost. Knows God personally, and intimately, spends time with God daily and in pursuit of living holy life best that they can. I am praying for my “Ezer Kenegdo” ( It may help if you have read “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldridge ), Warrior Princess, who will fight and entreat God, on my behalf, as I will do for her, someone who truly understands the power of her beauty and invites me to pursue it, rather than demands things for her. Someone who understands that Hoping to find someone who enjoy music, worshiping God, I enjoy for marriage to work, it takes work, it takes selfless giving to each other, with a commitment to Unity, neither of us have to be right, but we do answer to God for our pursuit of unity, in that it is intended to reflect Christ and the Church.

I enjoy Christian music, and listen to it most of the time, started out with Petra, The Imperils, Gaither Vocal Band, Keith Green, and now enjoy Hillsong, Bethel, Chris Tomlin, Elevation worship, MercyMe, Sidewalk Prophets. I also enjoy, on occasion, Boston Pops, Community Theater, Dance Performances, Radio Theater as well. I enjoy DIY projects, and using these skills to help others, would love to find someone who enjoys doing this as well. I enjoy cooking, and building relationships, food helps for sure, would love to cook together.

I read and do audible a lot so I believe in learning something everyday and like to share what I learn, so I guess you might have be a little patient or have the same passion for learning, some of the books I have read are ”Wild at Heart, Captivating, The Happiness Advantage, Love is a Verb, Fathered by God, Taking People with You, Turn the Ship around, Give and Take, Big Potential, Intentional Living, Extreme Ownership, Then five Love Languages, Redeeming Love, The Go-giver, Leadership and Self Deception, 5 Gears, 5 Voices( I am the Creative Voice), How to Act Right When your Spouse Acts Wrong, The DNA of Relationships, The Anatomy of Grace, Many Books by John C. Maxwell.

I have a “creative Voice” (From Book 5 Voices) <>
STRENGTHS ‣ They are the Conceptual Architects and love to think outside the box. ‣ They function as an “early warning radar system” for teams, often seeing the opportunities and dangers long before everyone else. ‣ They are never satisfied with the status quo - they inherently believe things can always be better. ‣ If the vision is compelling the word “can’t” is not in their vocabulary. ‣ They exhibit a strong social conscience and desire for personal and organizational integrity ‣POTENTIAL NEGATIVE IMPACT ‣ They often struggle with the fact that, "people never seem to fully understand my ideas” ‣ Being internal perfectionists they can often fail to celebrate the 90% that has been achieved, focusing instead on the 10% that hasn’t! ‣CHAMPION OF… ‣ Champion of Future ideas, Organizational Integrity, and Social Conscience

I have a Primary Love Language of Physical Touch, with strong second of Quality Time, do you know yours? <> I enjoy giving and receiving massages, kisses, hugs, cuddles. I enjoy being cuddled in front of a fire, or even better in front of sunrise or sunset, all could possible in the same day, beach or mountains either is fine.

I am an emotional guy, wear them on my sleeve usually, good or bad it just is, I have a tender heart, and feel it is important to have strong connection, emotionally, hope to foster an environment where we both feel safe to share our worries, hurts, concerns, failures and victories, because we are committed to unity in the relationship, we want and see the value in being vulnerable and comfortable to share. We recognize we are both imperfect people, humbled by the grace we receive from God, and privileged and honored to share grace with each other and with our families. I hope to find in my wife my best friend, soul mate (the three of us, you , me and God), Passionate lover, confidant, help mate who truly wants to grow and help me grow IN LOVE, someone who would join me in worshiping our Savior (anytime, anywhere) known to break into song (I am such an nerd).

I took 16 and here is what I received:
Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type �" but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.
Just retook it and received :

Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds.

Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, Protagonists take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community

I am a romantic would enjoy walking along beach holding hands, being playful in the spray, enjoying God’s creation through a hike, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, sleeping under the stars (sharing a sleeping bag), food fights, wrestling, picnics, sitting in or by a brook or stream, sitting on the beach listening to the surf and the sun comes up, cooking together even feeding each other, doing something creative, learning something new together, reading a book together.

I am very patriotic, I have retired from Air Force Reserve after 20 years, I am proud of my service, and honor those who currently serve. I am a gentleman who is masculine, I still hold car door open, and carry bags and such, and I am warrior when called upon, who loves to pursue and celebrate beauty, God’s beauty or your beauty as you reflect God, I can be a softy however and would enjoy romantic movie as much as action thriller movie.

I am healthy and in shape for the most part working out regularly, I did have the amazing opportunity of taking a 1000-mile bicycle ride from Mobile, AL to Lake Michigan, we did in 10 days. I am NOT Promiscuous, (I don’t smoke (never have), don’t drink, don’t drink carbonated drinks either). I used to do Shakeology, and is was good, but got expensive. I do enjoy ice cream it is a weakness, but under control, I can make a pint last 5 days. I am getting ready to sign up for some Tough MUDder Competitions (typically 5-mile obstacle course, are you game?) I enjoy the outdoors, being in God’s creation, can’t get enough, there is not a sunrise that doesn’t catch my breath or a starry night that doesn’t cause me to pause and give thanks!

I believe you only get out of a relationship what you put into it, so if you want a passionate, loving, respectful, romantic, honest, affectionate, energetic, with open communications then you must bring these things and commit to bringing them daily with God’s help, when God is the source of your strength, grace, love and can I say passion, yes passion then God WILL bless the marriage. Christ as the Center, the source and the union, when we stay committed to God, to Serving Him and to serving each other, daily seeking opportunities to give selflessly to each other, then God’s love flows through us, and we truly do seek unity with Christ and with each other.

I have been blessed to have traveled to Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, and Mexico. I hope to visit Eastern Europe, Ireland, UK, Israel and anywhere God calls me to go to share His love.

Here is my hope and earnest prayer that God will lead the woman that His has for me, one who is absolutely SOLD OUT FOR JESUS, and has deep intimate relationship with Jesus, who understands that marriage is hard work but not afraid, that it takes energy and intentional effort, that neither of us will be perfect, but that both of us truly desire what is best for us as a couple, and that it will require that one or the other of us or maybe both of us may not get what we would like at that moment. But that we do get want we need unity, with each other and with God. To have a deep intimate relationship is more than physical, but will require open honesty, vulnerability, compassion, grace, passion, choosing intentionally devoting time to grow together, and individually in our relationship with God, and to intentionally pray daily, support daily each other. Emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally and physically connected, unashamed to give ourselves to each other in all ways to serve each other as we serve God.

Jesus is the lover of my soul, He is faithful, He Will not leave me He is my Strength, My Deliverer, My Righteousness. I am ALL OUT for JESUS and will seek only a mate that share that same passion!
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