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I live by myself in a small rural ex-mining village in the Nottinghamshire countryside. My job has recently changed from shift work to standard office hours so whilst I have less contiguous free time it is more of a life and I can do stuff in the evenings and weekends now.

Often I'll play with computers trying to broaden my knowledge and experience and sometimes I'll pick up my guitar or sit down at the piano (haven't done either for a while) but playing solo isn't so much fun so bonus points if you play something too, especially as I ain't that great at either!

I also love disaster movies like the big ones of the seventies, and the light-hearted family movies that Hollywood did so well in the eighties (The Goonies, Short Circuit, Free Willy, that kind of thing) before they became so serious and moody, but I also like to read - Lee Child's Jack Reacher series being my favourite so far, along with some Alex Scarrow stuff. Beyond all that, I've got a caravan and like to get away a few times a year, even if only for a weekend. The Keswick convention is a particular highlight that I look forward to each year.

Please have a profile photo if you want to contact me; I've posted mine up so I'd expect the same from you. The main one is quite old now and the one with glasses is the most recent at probably around four years ago, as I don't really do 'selfies'; might be able to get a more recent one from Crimewatch though... (yep, I'm just kidding!)

Things that don't work for me are piercings, tattoos, animals (unless on a plate) and quite obviously, vegetarianism.

My expression (and need) of love tends to be physical - that means hugs, kisses, etc. I want to hold and be held by those I love, so if physical contact and touch make you shudder, we're probably not going to match.
First Date
Depends on how far apart we are, time of year, weather, etc, but a pub meal is always a good bet and for the first meeting we'll 'go dutch' so there's no pressure. It's a strong possibility I have aspergers so I struggle in social situations and making small-talk is difficult for me; I'm aware that can come across as disinterest or even boredom, so you may need to be the one keeping the conversation going at times.
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