not perfect, but atleast I'm honest

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research/learning is more rewarding and enjoyable to me than most anything else. Not really interested in most movies and tv shows, but I do watch TV at times. Usually though if I watch TV it's either the World news, how-to videos (crafts, dancing, mec
About Me
So my biggest passion in life thus far seems to be travelling. Mostly domestic travel here within the states with my job, but international trips are especially exciting (the destinations never stop growing since I am always curious, leading me to
research different cultures along with their beliefs, traditions, cuisine, etc). That being said, the different cultures are likely to not be Christian always, but as long as I am not doing anything contradictory the Bible, I see no harm. In fact, wasn't the most important commandment to Love God, but also to love thy neighbor (regardless of theological beliefs, the commandment is to love)…..To conclude: I feel more than comfortable with my standing with Jesus/God and know I have my place in heaven. However though, I will acknowledge now that I don't fit the profile of a typical God-fearing Christian. I do drink alcohol more than the Bible gives permission to do so (no doubt I've certainly been a drunkard more times than I count), I do smoke marijuana at times, I listen to ungodly music (non-gospel) more than I do the hymnals, just to name a few. I'm not looking for approval of my lifestyle and firmly believe that is between me and God/Jesus, but like the headline says, "at least I'm honest."
First Date
Can't answer this..... These things change depending on location, time of year, what events are happening around the area that particular day...…… For the sake of answering though, today, me and my close roommate/friend are going to Cincinatti to see the Butterfly garden (some 12,000 butterflies in the botanical garden). Afterward, we will likely stop by this local bar and order some oysters, have a beer, maybe play a game of pool, and then walk around the corner on this mild spring day to King Arthur's toy store, and try to locate a unique gift to send to her grand children.
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