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I am enigmatic yet open. Confusing? I did that on purpose. If you are still reading then you are curios but your curiosity won't kill you as it did the cat. I am principled and I mean that. I honour my word and most importantly, I fear GOD. On some issues I am very conservative (like whatever the Bible is not ambiguous on); on others I let my common sense, reason and information lead. My head is always on my shoulders (no drugs, alcohol or anything like that). I hate violence, whether verbal or physical.
For some people, it is easy to write about themselves. For some a picture speaks volumes. These are just a couple of ways we are different. I can't write much about myself because it would either sound like vain glory or a wish list of what I should be. If the latter, then I should go to God to effect changes. However, for our purposes today let me say a few things.

I'm not taken in by pictures most of the time. I like to evaluate things based on the spoken, written or other facts available. So I won't judge anyone because of how photogenic they are. I read the profiles closely and try to figure out what's in between the lines. I'm not analysing you. I'm just trying hear and understand what you are saying and you wish I'd hear. Look at it this way: the word "bow" means at least three different things to my knowledge. I have to read what precedes it or after it to be able to understand which meaning to apply. All because it is written not spoken. Same with profiles here.

I'm here to find a wife, a friend and partner not a mother, daughter or aunt/niece. I'm more concerned with inner beauty not outward. The outward money can fix. The real Proverbs 30.10ff woman not one who masquerades as her. I know you too are here to find a real Boaz. So skip the cosmetics and be real.

Marriage from GOD does not focus on the outward or Boaz won't marry Ruth. If my skin colour means more to you than my character or person please knock next door. If my height or education offends you I appreciate your preferences. Find someone else. If however you are interested in a man who has faults but willing to get rid of those faults with the grace and power of GOD, you are welcome. If you need a man as wealthy as Nabal you will find him in the wilderness of Maon.

I don't ever ride a bike (I know how to but that's where it stops) I don't climb mountains or surf. I can watch you do those: would even hold your bags for you. Don't try to change me into what you want. I enjoy watching football, golf, tennis and athletics. I love the beaches (my favourite is Brighton’s pebble beach in the UK). I love the arts and visiting museums, libraries, theatres every now and then. I love to garden and have flowers all around my home. But I'm not :technical or tech savvy.

And if you come this far, then you need to know that I am not adventurous when it comes to food. I am a picky health-conscious eater. Just because it tastes good does not mean it is good for my stomach. When it comes to food, my stomach not my taste buds rules. And I really love HOME COOKED MEALS!

One more thing on communication: if you are prudish, then please don't contact me. I will discuss any topic openly, no inhibitions.

However, the number one quality I need in a wife, friend and partner: JESUS CHRIST must be your LORD and SAVIOUR.
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