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Any church that uses the real Bible. Not Catholic
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4 Yr College Degree
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Reading, history, gardening, psychology, science, tech, art, photography
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I am neither tall or handsome. Bubbling with charm? No. Yet there are in me some above average qualities to offer. I seek a girl who is creative, mentally interesting some of the time. She could be an artist, entrepreneurial, a dedicated nurse, animal breeder, talk show host, martial arts trainee or merely student of life learning a language, history and whatnot.

Like Neitsche's two groups in society, without looking down on either, it probably should be okay to recognize humbly which one a person resides in. One group (my take here), the vast majority, spend the years watching TV to be entertained and or persuing physical thrills outdoors.

I think Neitsche was smarter than me. Many others who impress me are as well. Yet I do find errors in some of their conclusions. I find errors along with weak areas in myself too, btw.

In all candor, I suffer from a combination of higher than average and lower than average intelligence. Think autism and trying, learning to adjust for the condition.

I do not seek genius in a partner. Merely one who appreciates intellect beyond the height of SNL and sitcoms.

I got bored with TV (including TV sports) 40 years ago. Except for news. Many of your gender are, unlike in my teen years, now talking about how much they love the Seahawks or Trail Blazers, whichever team. Anyway...

I want to be impressed by what you have read rather than how many times you loved attending a ballgame. Or by your creations or business acumen or studying of auto repair, architecture. Something.

Moreover, it would be cool if you grasp the reality (or care to learn) that govt schools are indoctrination centers for atheist neo-marxism. Sophisticated deceit machines that lie about evolution (it is awful science), history (hushing up how blacks in America OWNED slaves. Indians too), and current events.

Does anyone care? Not so much your gender. Which would be half okay if only we could get them to stop voting. Neither Hitler or Clinton would've won except for women.

I am astonished to witness parents, even informed conservative and Christian, putting their own children on busses for 16 years AT ALL, much less when hearing what is being fed to those young trusting souls.

So that's what I mean by seeking a thinking type, truly bold in ways, shy or failing in others.

While the words here may hint otherwise, I actually laugh and joke around in everyday life. Just not while ignoring reality.

I do NOT hate women. Many of them amaze me. Candace Owens, Ann Coulter, Faith Goldy, Sarah Carter. Plenty more who I have met. But sheesh, a big majority are happy airheads. Lots of guys are too. Breaking down the numbers though, the dividing line pops out.

Nearly all girls are sweet, fun, great smiles, socially more in tune than guys. I want to be also attracted to your mind. That's all. It's okay to be a dork most of the time if only breaking above the cloud layer now and then.

Anyway, on to some general thoughts...

Must haves: A squishy mattress, mood lighting, radio, stuff to read, cotton shirts.

I love animals, most bugs too, history (in an amateur study, fairly lazy kind of way). Also keeping up with national and global news. Even the crazy political part. Some days especially that part. I occasionally write a bit of commentary. Or express the idea in a video. Only if nobody else is covering a topic burning in me.

Humility is the best human trait. Yeah, I do actually have some, though no doubt sound more abrasive in writing than one finds me exhibiting in real life. I tend to be kind of shy actually, polite, cautious, methodical, add a wee speck of sarcasm.

Activities: Taking a walk or bike ride, country fairs, any beach, the creek here in my small town, movies.

Favorite inventions: The PC, Bluetooth, atomic clocks, color weather stations, wall maps, tiny LED indicator lights, the internet, laser printers, 5-volt USB powered gadgets, plastic dishes.
First Date
Does anyone truly care about this one? A clean and safe location quiet enough to converse. Park bench near a creek comes to mind.
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