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About Me
I have found the most priceless diamond. A Love I’ve searched my whole life for...even though it was right in front of me my whole life, I couldn’t was Jesus who was there with me through out my entire life. He is my EVERYTHING.

If you don’t live in the U.S. please don’t message me. I’m not interested in dating Catholics because I’m looking for a Christian. If you are divorced, I’m not interested.

WARNING: If you are a scammer, don’t bother, I’m a waste of your time. I will find out if you are trying to scam me in any way or if you are fake. Thank you.

Here is a Poem I wrote.

“Rekindled Love”

An intimacy of love so real you’re never alone not for even a moment
You have always been there for me, and in me
Even on the days I threw your love away, you still stayed
Your love, an eternal flame, lighting the dark in front of me, you’ve set me free
What is this crazy Love I’ve been craving?
I didn’t know it was you that I’ve been praying for
An impossible love that no one understands but me
But now I know that it was you the whole time I was searching
You died for me, you set me free from me
And even after all of that, I left you over and over, yet you remain
Your insane love for me drives me crazy
You’re the one I’ve been craving, the love that I’m needing
I want this eternal flame to burn brightly for all of eternity
I love you only because you first loved me
Something I never accepted, and just took for granted
But now I must run after you, I don’t want to be lost again, accept in you
You are so beautiful, you’re love for me is breathtaking
It’s too incredible to comprehend
I feel you near, I feel you here with me now
Your presence fills my soul with your love
I want to keep this flame lit for you are my lover
Show me how to love completely
Help me run as quickly toward your love for me
In you I am set free, in you my pain disappears into nothing but beauty
Take my heart, take my shame, and paint rainbows with my pain
So the world can know your beautiful love like I do
So they can see how incredible your love really is
A beautiful flame of love burning so bright for an eternity
I feel you living in me, and this love I feel all comes from you
I believe it now to be true, your love will make me new
All I must do is surrender to you
And you will free me from myself
Before it’s too late
I will chase after you
As you chase after me
Then I’ll find you
And you’ll set me free
Forever just you and me
Our love
An eternal flame
And forever I’ll be free
As I forever worship your name
First Date
As long as you bring me a bouquet of toilet paper, we’ll get off to a great start! 🤣🤣🤣
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