believer and follow Jesus Christ. i would like to meet a wife on same path. together forever

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i have many interests. since finding faith in Jesus i abstain from anything sinful. but i have joy and peace and have much to do!
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i am faithful and truthful. i try my best to copy Jesus. i struggle being on my own at times.

i read the Bible for what GOD said. there is much still to learn and do.

i have many interests and learnt a lot of I.T especially hardware.

i like to go outdoors and exercise. it is much better than city

i have a career in the beef industry- as a shipping clerk in the cold storage sector. my aim is to get to management

i only have had one girlfriend before and this was before i found Jesus.

i have reorganised my priorities, have no debt- but i still rent and share with a fellow Disciple of Jesus and co-worker

i am not wealthy but have a rich spirit

even if we dont find to be together as GOD intends: perhaps we can enlighten each other on the righteous path!

i pray for everyone, especially those who have wronged me and are hurtful to others- throughout the world many are in suffering. but the Joy is in Jesus!

there is a lot of debate of things, political and social; yet i try to keep things very simple

i would prefer to meet someone like-minded, yet also am not going to dismiss any chance either to meet: of course, if it is the Will of GOD, i am going to obey!

blessings to you, and your family in Jesus!
First Date
i would like to talk. prefer a calm place like a park or somewhere relaxing. outdoors

with a dine of a light meal or just a drink like coffee/ tea.

if it is your preference to be with friends or family, i am happy to go

if it is meant to be, i am sure there will be so much to do- so in terms of ideas, that i will leave to the Holy Spirit and guide us

blessings to you and all your family and friends in Jesus
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