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Praying the Rosary, Reading, movies, documentaries, DIY Projects, Walking, YouTube. I dislike frequent long distance traveling, but I can tolerate it occasionally. So, it’s probably better for me to marry a woman who prefers domestic interests and hobbi
About Me
I'm a Catholic man with traditional values who is looking for a wife.

Personality wise, I'm fairly reserved and polite, but playful and friendly after getting acquainted with someone. Humor is important to me, I'm no fan of political correctness.

Most of the time I'm mellow and prefer to live simply. I seldom use social media, I prefer quieter settings to being around crowds and noisy places for long periods (so , I'm not the type that will tell you "I'm going out to go drinking with the boys tonight.") My leisure time is mostly spent being at home with family and pets, watching movies, documentaries and reading books. A hobby of mine is historical reenactment. It's a fun way to teach history and our religion to people of all ages. I like going to restaurants, beaches, museums, fairs and amusement parks. While I'm not be the most sporty nor outdoorsy person, I'm happy to go bicycling, kayaking and horseback riding etc. Also, I like to stay in shape.

For a prospective wife, I'm only interested in a traditional Catholic woman of European descent who loves her faith above everything else. For me, traditional means rejecting modernism and relativism, accepting and following all church dogma, and consistently living as a faithful Catholic. Moreover, I want to marry a woman who is still a virgin, as I myself still am, for the love of God. I appreciate modest appearance, i.e. doesn't dress provocatively, no tattoos or body piercings, (besides her ears.) I admire women with femininity and whose first calling is to be a faithful Catholic wife and a nurturing mother to her children, so that we could together raise a loving family for life, that believes in and lives by traditional Catholic values and morality. These standards are derived from the church's and I apply them no less to myself. It is important that we, as Catholics, be politically compatible to our faith, meaning that liberal, progressive, abortion, feminist, l.g.b.t., Marxist or any left-wing causes are anathema to our faith. What does it profit us to gain the world in losing our souls?

As a romantic, I'm looking for the right woman to cherish, please and place "above" myself, the earthy fulfillment of my faith, someone to love far more than myself. I offer a fine house in a beautiful locale, a steady well-providing job and a good business investment acumen for ongoing future prosperity to the woman that God may provide me with, the woman of my dreams and prayers.

Pax vobiscum!
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Meet somewhere in public that isn’t too loud, so we can have a pleasant conversation:)
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