Ex-liberal feminist saved by Jesus Christ.
Romans 12:2

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Acts 7:48-49
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Doing everything for the glory of God, prayer, studying the Bible, growing in faith, evangelism, apologetics, baking, cooking, learning, painting, calligraphy, graphic design, Owen Benjamin’s comedy, BlackPilled’s videos, deep conversations.
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*12/18/2019: I’m sorry, I will be taking a break from this site for the foreseeable future. It’s become a ungodly & stressful distraction for me near the point of idolatry. May God bless you in your pursuit, and may it be in God’s timing. (Remember: Ishmael vs. Isaac!)

Born and raised in a small town in AZ to a Mexican Roman-Catholic mom & German-Anglo-American Mormon dad I came up to Seattle for art school, worked in marketing, saw how evil it is, and now work as a full-time banker and freelance graphic designer to pay off all my debt per Dave Ramsey’s steps... And praying for both my parents to come to know the Lord Jesus and release their grip on religion and restore their marriage... Seeing the ugliness that greed, lust, adultery, and ultimately divorce causes a family: I value loyalty more than your status, and I pray that you’re on fire for God with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, are wise enough to lead me and our future children according to His Word, and even if you don’t use the correct “your” and “you’re,” you’re at least a good listener and quick-witted and laugh with me.

I’m an “INTJ” and have had the revelation that today’s worldly culture of hedonism and materialism is all to destroy the family—God’s perfect creation of God>man>woman>child.

Living in Sodom & Gomorrah neighborhood of Seattle: my goal is to get out of this city, as much as I love the PNW environment, especially the water. Praying for a godly conservative man, preferably Caucasian, (((who gets it))) and eventually leave the cubicle-cell life to homeschool our children and homestead in order to not rely on the government (they’re two wings of the same bird and sadly most conservatives have “conserved” nothing—let alone the female bathroom!), and together we will serve God, pray in the Name of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit, and I will serve my husband as his helper as God intended.
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I prefer for the man to be the masculine leader and confidently make decisions; somewhere public (perhaps the outdoors) to engage in deep conversation.
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