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Hi guys. Im mainly looking for a PLATONIC activity friend /partner/companion that is not interested in marrying. . I am looking for a born again gentleman within a 50 miles radius at the most I guess since we would need to live somewhat close to go do things together.

FYI: I am not eligible to remarry YET. My divorce was not within Gods perimeters ie according to his holy scripture. In an atmosphere where most are truly born again I would have plenty godly men to choose from to fellowship and travel etc. But unfortunately, that is not the case in this world of most who do not seek after God. Most are hostile towards God ! Most just want fire insurance. They are living their "best life now" as charleton heretic smiley joel Osteen would say.

God states in his word that the gate is narrow and FEW find it (para)( Matthew 7:14) . Yes indeed ,it is so very obvious and even moreso today. The Lord stated in his word that wickedness would increase and the love of most will grow cold . Matthew 24:12. It is 2 Tim 3 and Romans 1 time . The sin that most will be guilty of on judgement day is idolatry! Most have conjured up a god to their liking in their heads to allow for their false conversion. ( 2 Tim 4:3) I am just speaking out the truth in case your conscience just got pricked and you are now urked at me! I used to be just like you ( a false conversion/ FAKE christian) before the Father drew me and gave me a heart of repentance and the measure of faith.( John 6:44) I felt so grieved over my sin that is hostile and rebellion to our righteous sovereign holy triune Lord! For weeks I wept that I had been so wicked. None are righteous no not even one Romans 3:10

I especially find alot of "cultural christians here in the bible belt. This is all fairly new to me. Where I was from, you were either a christian or you werent . It was pretty cut and dry. Here in the south; everyone thinks they are christian even though they cant tell you what the gospel is. They claim to be christian because they grew up in the church. They live like the dead sinner but claim they are saved. This is a new phenomena to me.

Tim Keller said it best:

" I was happier when I got to NY where most people know that they are not believers. It was alot easier than working in the south where you had to convince them that they were not believers".

I am forgiven for my sins . Yes indeed I am! But that doesnt mean that I dont have to live with the consequences of my un-biblical divorce 35 yrs ago though! Some sin has lifelong lasting consequences! The bible is my way of thinking now because I am renewing my mind to the likeness of my Lord and master; Jesus Christ! I am a slave to my King. I dont lean on my own understanding anymore. My thoughts are aligned with what God has instilled in me by his written word. I have hidden the word in my heart. My oil lamp is brimming over and I absolutely love keeping it full!
My heart is desperately wicked and deceitful. Why would I posit to be wise in my own eyes? Thats what the lost do and that is what those that do not fear the Lord do! Proverbs 9:10

When my ex dies;I can remarry. It is unlikely that I would remarry even if I could. Although, having said that ,I dont know Gods plans for me are in the future. LOL ...I am not deity. We know the saying ; God laughs when we make plans. I am happy RIGHT NOW where I am at in the arms of God. I really dont think it will be long until Christ comes for his elect in the clouds. Our society has broken down very low morally. Studies have shown that it only takes three generations for society to implode and destroy itself. That is what we are seeing all around us.

To get back to why I am on this site : I do get lonely which is why I am looking for a friend that is likeminded.
I would be willing to bet that most on this site are not biblically eligible to remarry. But in this day and age of rampant false religion( WOF, PROSPERITY, NAR ) , easy believism ,and the emergent church apostasy everywhere;people do as their wicked flesh demands . It frustrates me because I know most of you reading this will turn away from me because you do not qualify. You would probably hate my company because I hate the ways of the world. My prayer is that God uses my boldness to speak out to save you for real! My prayer is that you turn from your sin and seek Christ with all of your hearts,minds,souls, and strength.!
Christ said if you love me you will obey my commands. We dont obey to be saved because Christ already took care of that but we obey because we are changed and our desires have changed to align with Gods word.
Having mentioned works because our desires have changed; I must not neglest in telling you that there are MANY works righteous false religions that are not IN CHRIST. Some deny the deity of Christ BUT all are 'works to be saved' gospels. Some were started by delusional false prophets. Christ left us his word so we can test the spirit. God spoke about false religions. Read Gal 1:8. While these false religions may be numerous in membership and may also appear to be legit to the biblically ignorant ; They are false and many who are ensnared in these religions will go to hell. I pray that God draws them unto himself and gives them the eyes to see and the ears to hear!!

Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Aventist, and Bethel top the list! If you are in one of these false religions; you have been deceived. I can provide biblical proof if you can reason things out and if you truly desire to know Jesus Christ OVER your beloved false church ! Many have been saved out of these churches and now they are on sound footing in a bible studying biblically aligned church that glorifies Christ! Remember; Satan masqeurades as an angel of light! If you do not study your bible; you are fair prey for your enemy who has DUPED YOU! Your reward will be eternal separation from Christ. Jesus will tell you to depart from Him for he never knew you! If our thinking does not align 100% with the Holy Bible; we are wrong ! The stakes are high. Your very soul depends on you knowing the genuine Christ and not the imitation satan.

I obey my Sovereign righteous Holy Lord, Jesus is my Savior and my King whom I love and revere above anyone and everything. The Father drew me unto Himself . He saved a very sinful wretch that I am . The Father gave me a heart of repentance. The Lord broke me. He made me a new creation in Christ!
I deserved hell. We all do. I love my Lord. I could never willfully sin against my Lord . Its not going to happen .

So.anyways ...I find myself looking around online for info on all the arts festivals that NC has to offer . Im fairly new to NC. .I search the marinas. I look at the boats. I research where the antique malls or beautiful gardens are. I really like car shows especially the classics. Museums. You get the idea. I desire to go do. I need my godly pal to come along. I know you are out there. I do get out and go but not as often as I would with a side kick :) One really is a very lonely number.
I want to explore all over the place doing day trips , going to the coast , etc. When Im not rearing to go; Im at home on one project or another ,online evangelizing the lost, or cooking up something delicious in my kitchen. I do alot of online fellowship on various sites and I make time for studying Gods word most days. I love my John MacArthur sermons. The man is some expository teacher/preacher! I love car shows. I am thinking of buying a electric bike. I will be starting a vegetable garden soon. Currently, I am working on the house. So much to do and not enough time! Do you desire a friend to engage in deep thinking discussions? You tired of talking to the groundhogs,deer, and squirrels? Haha jk but my situation is pretty pathetic considering I find it very difficult to find friends. I haven't figured out the lay of the land yet. I FINALLY found a church that exposits the word and glorifies Christ! That took me two yrs!

I am kinda introverted so that makes it more difficult. Although, having said that; my career was in sales ( mostly upscale interior design in the field) and I had to have the gift of gab to be successful! I do require my recharging time to myself. I am a tx gal so I am very friendly. I rarely meet a stranger but I am not the party going type with oodles of friends. I am more or less ,a private person . I live in a tiny town! LOL Its wise to be private unless you want people telling you what you did last week when you cant remember yourself! LOL . I desire to be with a man who cannot help but get excited when he is discussing his Lord and the Lords word! He also desires a connection with a few elect who desire to have fun while keeping in honoring the LORD.

I am more than ready to really start enjoying this state with a new friend whom I have things in common. Send me an email. Introduce yourself. Lets live our 'older yrs to the fullest IN CHRIST! Let us fellowship and evangelize too for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I will wink to get your attention (MAYBE) but it is my desire that you go ahead and write to me. There are so many scammers on here and unsaved players as well. Goes with the territory I guess. I see people on here for yrs as I pass through,delete my profile and come back yrs later. The same people are still here! I guess they are waiting on the perfect pick. Perhaps it is Gods providence too. IDK.
I hate to burst anyone's bubble but there is only one in this universe that is perfect and his name is Jesus Christ. If you are reformed, study Gods word ALOT ( John MacArthur style) and you love to spread the gospel which God commanded of us; I would pray that you would reach out to me. We are all flawed. We all have our issues me included. Love is what we do in spite of the issues. Love is what we are called to do because Christ first loved us. Just sayin..............
First Date
Meet up for church or some coffee/tea for starters. Maybe go for a walk or bike ride beside one of the lakes. I love water! Talk and discover if we are like minded.

Have a very blessed day in the Lord. Go serve your King!
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