*** Quite lenghthy, pardon me. I thought to make myself clear and brutally honest. Plus, if this not

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**** Quite lenghthy, pardon me. I thought to make myself clear and brutally honest. Plus, if this note offended you, forgive me ****


Started loving and following the Lord and his son Jesus after reaching New Zealand in early 2018. In fact, landed in NZ to pursue my postgraduate or Maters of Business Administration (MBA) dream.

I'm a down to earth man who's diligent to things worth doing.I believe in uprightness and stable to dealings. I love genuine commitment and trustworthy relationships. I cherish values and update my mind with it as to give it the rightful response at any time. I love travel and a rugby fanatic, in fact an ardent All Blacks Fan. Fell in love with - after coming over here in fact - with Crusaders. Faithful, embraces genuine qualities in life, a good listener, a deep thinker being a corporate personality and learning the Bible or exploring Chritianity - despite I was born and raised in a strong Catholic family and Chritian surrondings - at present, in fact for the first time in my life.

I am quite optimistic about life and love to encourage or coache / mentor others, specially my friends, loved ones, co-workers, subordinates etc.,

I currently work - upon completion of 13 MBA papers comprising 40 assignments + exams last year - as an optical adviser at Specsavers. In fact, I badly wanted a serious break from the rigorous academic routine.

Introcution to My Life and Work.
I have lived in a few locations such as Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Chennai, Mumbai, Colombo, and now in Christchurch...

Work- Life Balance - For more than 12 years I was a workaholic who was totally performance driven, and corporate success focussed. However, I have learnt a lot by now, thanks to my stint in Christchurch New Zealand.

I've slowed down a lot compared to days in the Gulf, working for giant multinational ccorporations.

I was trained - via one of the MBA subjects called Leading Ourselves - to be kind and compassionate of myself, appreciatng the life we have been gifted with, and living / enjoying the moments.

Introduction to My Faith.
Honestly speaking, I wasn't in to relegion despite the fact I was born and raised in a very strong Christian family / surroundings, prior to to my arraival in New Zealand. However, accidentally Lord and His Son Jesus - I assume - guided me to a Christian Church, and from which day onwards, I have been following Christianity, leaning the Bible and attending the weekly services. I'm getting there.. Slowly but surely !

My Passions.
# I'm quite passionate in climbing up the corporate ladder and being a leader in the global business domain.
# Quite interested in gaining new knowledge.
# Focussed in completing my MBA.
# Joining another top tier tripple accredited business school or university to pusue a few subjects
# A career shift from global logistics to management consultancy domain.
# Rugby - Even thinking of getting actively involved with rugby management or administration.
First Date
My Final Thoughts.

Eagerly awaiting to meet a woman with self-respect, God loving, driven by Christian faith, and matured in life who is ready to start a meaningful family life, cantered around kids who will be raised according to Christian values, beliefs and norms - Almighty God's Way, nothing else !

I am looking for a woman who is a committed Christian with a desires to grow in her relationship with Almighty God and His Son Jesus. My dream wife will be a woman whom I have an intellectual and spiritual connection, and also, a woman can continuously guide me towards the Lord as well as support me in achiving my corporate and academic goals.

Holy Matrimony is my key focus as there's no time to waste or play around !

I am looking for a WIFE material not a trophy .. Ha ha :-)

My Pledge.
I'm a man who is more than capable - arising via my past corporate experience and skills in the corporate arena in a few geographies and also the anticipated success after my academics - of singlehandedly put food on the table for my wife and kids while my wife looks after the matters at the home front.
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