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Lets do a bible study! Interested in prophecy?? Lets study! .. .. Here to spread truth from the Bibl

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SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 1 SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 2 SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 3 SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 4 SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 5 SteveX is Single in Mountain Grove, Missouri, 6
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7th Day Adventist
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MG Seventh Day Adventist Church
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Every week
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Seventh-Day Adventist
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Possibly, who knows
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2 Yr College Degree
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Diesel Mechanic
Spreading Present Truth! .. Also Studying online courses for Medical Missionary Work. My plan is to Open a Naturopathy Medical Missionary office. Offering biblical healing and studies.
About Me
•Born again Christian! Raised SDA and strayed from the path many years. Lead a sinful life and the scars of this life are now permanently visible on my body. Came back to the faith and the whole truth in Jesus Christ our lord, our advocate against the accuser. We must stand in this time and be a light to the world and shout the warning signs.
•I give speeches at church sometimes and teach classes there too. Try to reach out to the community and my dream is to sell everything and go be a full-time missionary one day (if God leads me there).
••NEVER married yet, I wish to find a loyal, faithful woman to stand with me and be a beacon of light and truth together before this world. Also willing to move here if foreign (: . I don't just want a earthly relationship I want one that will last for all of eternity together. So say hello! 👋
>•< I am teaching myself Tagalog too (help?)😊 >•<
••Also let's study, be friends together as well! Want to know anything? just ask! We must prepare ourselves for the final conflict unfolding before us now. SUNDAY LAW (mark of the beast) IS COMING SOON. Revelation 13.
••••Ask yourself, are all these current events past few years coincidence? Or, is there a plan behind it all? If so, who would be pulling these strings? let's talk about it!!
Watch - "Total Onslaught" on YouTube by Walter Veith. I pray God leads you to the truth so you can stand in that day and not violate your conscious. Soon, Jesus will be coming. He is even at the door.
••ALSO on YouTube each Sabbath afternoon Stateline SDA does a LIVE Sunday Law update. The beast is being exposed again 🙏
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Not sure yet! Depends on what we decide to do
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