Select! Select! Many are called, only one is chosen. My best years are yet ahead

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Worship music, Silent contemplation listening to God, Full Gospel teaching, Reading and writing, publishing, Reaching out, Marathon, soccer, basketball, voleyball, playing with kids
About Me
A cheerful man of God, healthy, loving, caring, generous and reliable man, with a keen sense of humor and a very wide knowledge and culture. I finished University twice in Engineering and Education and I am a book writer in French!
I am French and English speaker ++
I am blessed with perfect health better than many athletes. I have a strong faith in the ‘self-healing’ gift of the Holy Spirit.t. I never go to any hospital or doctor over the last 25 years! I don’t even feel I need a check up. Thank God.
I have no addiction of any kind and my spirituality is in the light of the full Gospel.
Very independent, but I live to love, help and serve.
I want to live Christ like, delivered from all kinds of selfishness. I am a peacemaker, a conciliator and a smiley peace keeper. I want to grow and learn to simply live Childlike.
Realistic, but Idealistic too, dreaming of a romantic love relationship! I am not a pianist, but it is my fantasy dream …
I am a selective man of God looking for my cheerful, playful and precious one to be my team-mate and life partner. Many are called but only one is chosen to my heart
I had encounters with Jesus 31 years ago in my dreams in Montreal and since then it was a very long Love story! Just unbelievable ...

==================== Transparency is the key. What I am looking for? ==================

I am looking for a special partner for life: a cheerful soul, a loving and holy one, clean and healthy to be my dear wife, best friend, and project partner.
I am looking for a true Christian to be one flesh and one soul with; to love her and honor her with devotion as the daughter of my God and the bride of my Lord.
I will never condemn you and even if I judge something wrong about you, I grant you unconditional forgiveness and freedom to try again according to your free will.
I like physical beauty, especially a smiley face. For me, the beauty within is even more important. The true beauty is in the gaze of your Eyes and the tone of your voice singing your heart. I am literally in ecstasy with the sacred voice of woman in worship song. That lifts me up high!
I appreciate as much emotional beauty and emotional intelligence. Yes, emotional beauty matters to me!
Do you want a playful joyful intimate life with your best funny friend and husband?
Childlike complicity is essential to enhance intimate bond and oneness. I will show you how to own my male body and how to commune with my soul and unite with my spirit?
Life is a school. If you are really in love with Jesus and right with the Bible, I will live to love you and honor you every day. Because He set the example dying for his Bride.

Here are the Characters I am looking for:
A mature, intelligent Lady seeking a serious bond for life through unbreakable blood covenant of marriage.
A peace maker with a sincere forgiving heart willing to love again, to appreciate and serve.
A loyal wife committed to clear goals and ambitious to fulfill her destiny
Open minded, always teachable and eager for transformation and growth!

But please, if you have any substance addiction or you need New Age stuf like horoscope reading, cartomancy, chanelling or psychic needs, ABSTAIN! ( Even TV programs can become an addiction!)
Many so selfish, are just looking for someone to manipulate, controle and dominate!
First Date
Relaxing a moment in a beautiful park watching kids playing.. Walking around, Gazing on sunset and praying together for a manifestation and a sign.
It may also be a nice walk by the riverside or a Lake..
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