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I believe men and women have 2 very diff roles that *are not* interchangeable.
Ex. Man leads, protects and provides (a godly, loving disciplinarian of his children and bringer-home of the bacon : ) and woman takes care of house and home (cooking/cleaning/raising her children in a God-fearing manner)

I'm looking for an Alpha male in every sense of the word. A man who knows his God-given role as head of home and takes that responsibility seriously. Someone who will lead in all aspects of a relationship/life but most importantly has a trusted ability to discern and will lead his family spiritually. To reiterate from the previous paragraph: a Protector and Provider (P.S. I do very well for myself so pls don't think me a gold-digger : )

Finally, a man who's going to stand firm in his beliefs and not be afraid to go against the grain (or political correctness) to stand up for what's right; who's not going to cower and backdown/break when pressured from all sides.

Other things I value:
Loyalty (Trust is difficult to earn and near impossible to gain back once lost)
Sense of Humour

Random trivia about me:
- I love to travel! I've been to Australia, Bermuda, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Poland (Auschwitz) among others. Majority of travelling has been solo - would love a travelling buddy! (if we ever get back to being able to travel ... : / ... )

- I love anything to do w/ houses. From the architecture to interior design and furnishing a room.

- I love drive-in movies

- I'm old school. A bit of an old soul. Definitely born in the wrong decade ... century ... era even. Haha I love history and would've loved to live in the time of English Folk/Renaissance or Swing dance.

- I enjoy the simpler things in life and will always (well, almost always) prefer manual products over tech gadgets etc. The fewer parts necessary to engage/create/perform, the less chance of malfunction. Ex. Revolver vs pistol. (And yes, I have both my PAL and RPAL : )

- Although I'm very much saddened by the slow death of the gentleman and chivalry, the "hopeless romantic" quality is not something I need in a future husband. Yes, be chivalrous - absolutely! Open a door, pull out a chair, offer your coat if it's chilly, walk on the outside of the sidewalk ... but I don't need a poetry-writing, emotions-sharing, rom-com watching type of guy (that's why I have my girl friends haha : )

- I enjoy a night out (movies/plays/bowling/volleyball) as much as a night in w/ close friends playing board games. Not the strategic kind though ... I have enough thinking/strategizing at work and in real life ... games are supposed to be light-hearted and mindless! (but if thought is required, preference goes to creative thought, not calculated. haha)

- All that said, I'm actually very pragmatic/practical in real life dealings and base important decisions on facts rather than feelings. Feelings/emotions will change day to day and are heavily based on circumstance. And this is why one of the biggest crocks sold to us is this idea of "falling in love".

Love is not a feeling. Love is a **choice**.

You choose to love someone (through the good, bad, and ugly) just as Christ chose to love a sinner, such as myself, who had nothing to offer Him.
THAT is *true*, unconditional love.

While I initially wanted children I've been seriously reconsidering that desire given today's climate ... and no, I'm not referencing global warming haha
Pls dont msg me about how I need to trust God and not be fearful. We're told that nobody builds a house w out first considering the cost - I'm just considering the cost that would be associated to having young children in the times we're living and the trajectory we're going that's all
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