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I Love Our Loving Lord, reading, listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, learning, maturing in Him. Singing, & enjoying creative unique sounds of music, exercising, walking, cooking, good coffee, neurosciences, good conversation
About Me
To put it plainly, I seek, strive, & pursue the peace of God daily. My identity is not in what I do, I do many things, always looking for Christ, where my true identity is. Seeking God, learning, reading, listening, growing, & renewing my heart & mind in Christ by the day. Worshiping & praising God, is more than just a trip to a building once a week, & singing a contemporary Christian tune. All that is good too, but I believe Christianity is a lifestyle, Worshiping & Praising Him for who He is, in all that we do, we are all ambassadors for Christ.

This world needs to see our Lord's love light shining brightly, through all of our actions & behaviors in our everyday living! I love seeking & learning the parallels of mind/heart/brain communications, with & in God's perfect creation, I seek to receive Gods blessings, then to be a blessing to others.

I go out of my way to take care of all that God blesses me with; seeking wisdom, & operating in His excellencies daily, making choices to take extremely good care of this Temple that belongs to Him. I love to do sprint intervals/various calisthenics, & take very long walks in any & all types weather conditions & environments, doing my part, in staying healthy/youthful & active, (He takes care of the rest, what I cannot do).

I'm always looking for God's presence in all things. Our bodies/minds are made to move, & Aline w/His Spirit. I enjoy cooking & receiving the benefits of healthy spicy foods. I extremely enjoy, & am involved in very unique blends of music, including soul/jazz/gospel/fusion/R&B, & different meditation types etc.

Always being receptive, to God's Grace & Power to help me do ALL things, including a hearts desire to much more various types of kingdom service etc. It would impossible to to tell all in an intro here huh? It’s constantly expanding, shifting & growing, as I seek the Lord. Anyway, Thank you Praise you Lord! This list could go on.

I hope in Him, & pray to share excellent beauty, peace, & joy, given by the grace of God, w/the right one in this blessed journey! God will reveal who I am blessed, & who else is blessed, to share & testify with. Amen? (Btw, for those of you wondering, how/why the divorce? Simply ask, it’s not complicated @ all). <<< [past] ~ [present] >>> Renewed growth, & Spiritual maturity yet again highlighted and explosive! Daily transformation! I await on the Lord, for the young beautiful soul He has for me to join, w/our Hands to the plow. Amen?

[It would be quite fun and exciting, to have a special loved one, explore, study, & share time in the Bible with]

Up front, I must be honest, I’m not led to believe I’m in a position, to take on another’s child/children @ this time. However in the very near future, after a relationship of building a stable foundation on, & in Christ as one together, it can happen between us, Amen?
First Date
I’m certainly open to a simple walk/talk, perhaps share a cup of good coffee, sharing God's word & truth, then to discover new, inviting character & integrity from that alone, in Christ. So in other words, deep truth in conversation would be wise. Open, Holy Spirit led, understanding hearts, will bring forth light: sparkling_heart:
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