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Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by!  I love God first and foremost, and looking for someone who feels the same way.  His love for us is so unfathomable, isn't it?  I enjoy spending time in the Word (strive to do this on a daily basis, but wholely admit I do not meet this goal absolutely every day), and reading devotionals.  I attend church twice every week, and this is VERY important to me, so I would need somebody where this was also a priority. 

I love spending time with my family and friends - they are very important to me as well.  I am an avid golfer and hiker (the jaw-dropping scenery I encounter a lot while doing both is actually my overall favorite thing about them!), and just recently got back into biking as well.  I now have an app that has very detailed info on basically EVERY trail in the country, so I am looking to begin crossing as many of them off the list as possible, and would love a best friend to share at least some of these alone with, and some together with my friends and/or family (and of course your friends and/or family, too, if they would be interested)!

One thing about me I'd like to mention separately because it is kind of different from most guys is that I REALLY REALLY like affection, and am looking for someone of the same ilk - specifically (and most importantly) someone who likes to both receive AND give it about equally.  I am talking like whenever we are together, we are touching in some way as much as is REALISTICALLY possible!   Obviously if one of us is walking across the room to get something, or has to get up to use the bathroom, it wouldn't be possible in those times, but definitely like any times we are just relaxing or going someplace in the car or things like that it would be wanted.I figure if love is the greatest Commandment, there aren't too many better ways to show it than through physical displays!  Please do not interpret as though I am going to be one of those clingy/needy people where I have to spend every second with you or something like that - not at all.  It is just the times that we are together is all I'm referring to, I feel we should be physically connecting as much as possible!  This is VERY important to me (I feel it is one of the main things that keeps the spark alive over the long term in any romantic relationship), btw, so if you are not on this level as far as affection, it's probably best not to respond - thank you.

And one last, quick (hopefully it will be viewed by most of you as that way, anyway haha!), thing - I know most of you reading this have probably been burned pretty bad by some real jerks out there in the past, and I am truly sorry you had to go through all of that, but I have learned that I need someone who can just, for the most part, trust me right from the beginning, and I mean on pretty much ALL things (sticking around, job/career, etc), because what ends up happening almost every time is the other person doesn't trust me on enough matters, and I get hurt by that, which then, in turn, leads me to pull away at least somewhat, which then leads the other person to pull away at least somewhat as well, and a viscious cycle is formed, which usually ultimately results in the termination of the relationship, and, ironically, the very thing the other person was worried about ends up coming to fruition.  Just a side note - do you ever notice that it seems like a lot of things work this way in life?  That when we worry about stuff, no matter what it might be, we tend to end up bringing on the very thing we were trying desperately to avoid?  I think this is why Jesus felt it was important enough to devote a whole part of one of his sermons to not worrying (Mat 6:25)! Anyways, I digress...  Thanks in advance for your understanding on this.  I know this will probably eliminate quite a few potential matches, but really it should be best in the long run for everyone involved to do it this way.

Well, I think that's all I wanted to say here, as I think I've covered all the important things.  We can always go more in depth through chat, I figure.  Looking forward to meeting some of you, and remember - God is always with us!  Bye now
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