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About Me

I enjoy a wide range of music... classical, rock, blues and certainly worship. But I thrive on quietude in the restorative sense. My two front teeth are fake as Hollywood. Thrift stores are a pleasure to me... amazing what one finds... rare and unusual book titles included. Quality over quantity is something of a guiding principle. I enjoy live theatre over cinema; fine arts over computer generation. I don’t care for television, unless educational, occasional British sitcom or epic films (haven’t owned a TV in many years). I’m a good communicator and love open forum discussion, but prefer intimate, one-on-one exchange. I’m sensitive - perhaps the definition of empath (sensitive to my mate on every level). It follows that my spiritual giftings align with sensitivity: gift of knowledge/wisdom; intuition; creativity. A pescatarian diet is healthiest for me (occasional fish), GF and otherwise close to both vegan and (currently) a Gundry diet. This is a health decision, not an ethical one. I listen to podcasts while driving. I have a million weaknesses, classic ADD included. I’ve worked in various ministry capacities, all of which went nicely, but ended spectacularly bad (politics in ministry - impossible, isn’t it? : -). I’m on hiatus, basically unchurched, which I’m fine with. I think we are challenged to punch our way out of the box of pyramidal structure; yet the box serves its purpose. There’s really no way out, but to live with a little antinomy... that I understand. But trust I’m painfully aware that Mary isn’t always welcome in Martha’s house. Simple living: a rustic cabin and simple life in the Ozark mountains is a choice I’ve made for now (I own about 9ac). My favorite reading genre is spiritual, deeper life titles, Christian mystics, theology and philosophy. Sadly, my library got damaged in storage in recent years... cathartic... it’s great to have a growing bookshelf full of new favorite reads. A slow, probing reader, my core reading is highly selective... I’m not given to a lot of pop-Christian titles... never compelled to follow trends.

I hope to meet someone fairly close in age, older is fine. And, I should add here, although married 19 years, divorced (celibate) now 10-11 years, having children just didn’t happen. Feel free to inquire about my divorce, or ask any other questions... I’m an open book on most issues. Living a bit remote, I’m strapped with dismally slow data. Give me ample time to respond.

God has faith in us. I see that reflected in Galatians 2:20 KJV... in this instance, the KJV nicely captures original intention... that scripture best interprets itself is certainly true to this verse. Some things are inexplicable, so don’t be bashful saying hello. That said, mutual interest in deep conversation, mystical theology (i.e., Pseudo-Dionysius) and contemplative prayer are likely intersections. I hope for engaging exchange, a profound connection that deepens each other’s “contemplative work”, as the 14th century anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, refers to it. So yes, a love-longing to bask in Jesus’ presence is a prayerful desire, a grace I’m positive inhabits my soulmate.

Thank you for reading...

All blessings in your search,
First Date
Relevant upshot, First Date in mind

Relevant upshot: I embrace Trinitarian theology*; however, I certainly don’t circulate as a traditionalist Believer, preferring the moniker Christ Follower to Christian. An open, expansive mind - living outside the box - I admit mild dissatisfaction toward the western ministry model. As a result, I entertain lofty future possibilities. I would relish the opportunity of doing ekklesia (church) differently, with a premium placed on experiential presence of Jesus as expressed in John’s phrase: “flesh”, as “Word was with God, and ... was God ... in the beginning.” It’s not a warrior-Savior image we are meant to espouse or emulate. That’s a truly unfortunate rendering by eisegesis, not at all reflecting the NT personality of Christ, the Way, Truth and Life expression of God. I prefer the posture, which is no posture at all, of Jesus living his life through us, as us (Ro. 11:36) - inhabiting the praises of those he inhabits - beyond words. Beyond words because Spirit transcends language (Greek and Hebrew included) as Incarnate Word to humanity. It’s not an us-them prospect; hence, smothering the inherent urge of the heart, originating with intercession of the Holy Spirit (Ro. 8:26, 27). I resonate with ministry central to the grace message given to Paul by special revelation (Gal. 1:11, 12). Typically, the western church and ministry model is one of conclusions defining God and categorizing people, with Trinity personalities treated as mere book-end references. Personally, as a “perhaps someday,” I envision an open forum style format involving people experientially. With this in mind, I want to keep some personal balance to both embrace life on purpose without running the treadmill of performance culture, while practicing an abandonment lifestyle that promotes contemplative prayer and Christian meditation. (Presently, it feels like I’m failing miserably on all accounts :-)

*I favor Kruger on this


Should I meet someone:

Should I meet someone (on this site, perhaps), it’s two individuals with equal voice. Trust I’m not interested in perpetuating a patriarchal context (on this score, I delineate between legacy and posterity). It’s a respectful partnership of mutual decision making. That may well mean I readily and happily attend the church of my mate’s choosing. And attending together might qualify nicely as a first date, but I think we would be communicating by text and perhaps phone conversations before our first rendezvous. And I should add that geographic distance isn’t something I rule out. So a first date preference seems a bit cavalier. I’m concerned that speculation might encourage a distraction from recognizing the Holy Spirit’s unifying pull of two minds into one (One), serving as a kind of authentication of life by his very breath. And I think it risks forming projected expectations at the dawn of mutual appreciation and discovery. More than any reason, that’s why I would prefer mutual planning for our first meetup, perhaps inspiring a memory commemorating ineffable happiness.
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