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Weekly home group, guided by a female pastor I’ve known for some time
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FOND OF: Writing, reading, contemplative prayer (current book, 4th reading, The Cloud of Unknowing), fine arts photography, art, hiking, camping, DIY, healthy eating. NOT FOND OF: most TV (don’t own a TV), junk food, violence in cinema, computer games
About Me
What follows is a previous personal profile... it’s lengthy, but in essence captures that I’m “awake,” and it brings some self-to-other perceptions that will help you find me interesting, or not. I’m a bit reluctant to post it. as I’d like to replace it with something fresh. My wet hair selfie is current, 10/20, but I have more mileage than a snapshot captures.

Returned recently to CDFF... no regrets. Some things are inexplicable : -)
Again, I’ve somewhat outgrown this; yet, every attempt to rewrite fails to capture “me” living in the now. Admittedly, I’m stalled out at the C-19 crossroads. Somehow, I don’t think I’m alone: -)

It’s interesting, but you really don’t think seriously about your life in this way until confronted with a little encouragement, the nudge to write Your Personal Descriptive Profile. And I thnk Believers are challenged not to categorize, as it is that Jesus never defined neighbor; yet, in the process of selection at hand, we subtilize with a résumé of likes and caprices hoped for in a mate. At least that’s the tenor between the lines with profiles I’ve read. I doubt my description will read much different; albeit, I will attempt to be specific without creating an imbalanced view of who I am. And I have to say, it’s apparent that many profiles read like a bootleg copy of authenticity. I envisage cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship. If that’s not your desire, then reading beyond this line will be time lost to you. But if your desire is to drink from a deep well, there’s no stopping you from finding such a source; whether in my lines, or the lines of another sojourner meant for you.

Here’s the relevant upshot on Andrew: I’m profoundly spiritual in Trinitarian Christian tradition, but by no means a traditionalist, preferring the moniker Christ Follower to Christian. An open, expansive mind - living outside the box - I admit mild disaffection toward the Colonial/Western/American ministry model. Because of this, I have set some lofty future goals. I would relish the opportunity to do ekklesia (church) differently... Jesus as our reference, with ministry central to the grace message given to Paul by revelation (Gal. 1:11, 12). With this in mind, I want to keep some balance, to both live life on purpose, yet take it as it comes without running the treadmill of our performance culture. So when I meet someone (on this site, perhaps), two individuals will have their input... I’m not interested in the patriarchal model (I delineate between posterity and legacy). It’s an equal partnership of respect and mutual decision making. And that may very well mean I readily and happily attend the church of my mate’s choosing.


I enjoy a wide range of music... classical, rock, blues and worship. But I thrive on quiet in the restorative sense. My two front teeth are fake as Hollywood. Thrift stores are a pleasure to me... amazing what one finds... unusual books included. Quality over quantity is something of a guiding principle. I enjoy live theatre over cinema; fine art over computer generation. I don’t care for television, unless educational or occasional British sitcom and quality films (don’t own a TV presently). I’m a good communicator and love open forum discussion, but prefer intimate, one-on-one exchange. I’m sensitive - incredibly so - perhaps the definition of empath (sensitive to my mate on every level). It follows that my spiritual giftings align with sensitivity: gift of knowledge/wisdom; intuition; creativity. A pescatarian diet seems healthiest for me (occasional fish), GF (not celiac) and otherwise close to vegan and Gundry). This is a health decision, not an ethical one. I listen to podcasts while driving. I have a million weaknesses, including classic ADD. I sometimes carry a 15’ cross I constructed years ago (love walking the cross and sharing good news/pure grace, always seeking to relieve people of all burden of senseless guilt [insert here, I no longer see myself doing this]). I’ve worked in various ministry capacities, all of which went nicely, but ended spectacularly bad (politics - ministry is impossible, isn’t it? : -). I’ve been on hiatus, basically unchurched, which I’m fine with [currently attend a home group]). I think we are challenged by punching our way out of the box of pyramidal structure; yet the box serves its purpose. There’s really no way out, but to live with a little antinomy... that I understand. Simple living: a rustic cabin in the Ozark mountains, is a choice I’ve made for now (I own about 9ac). My favorite reading genre is spiritual (deeper life titles, mystics), theology and philosophy (sadly enough, my library got damaged in storage in recent years... cathartic... it’s great to have a growing bookshelf full of new favorite reads. As a slow, probing reader, my core reading is highly selective... I’m not given to a lot of pop-Christian titles. I don’t follow the latest trend.

I hope to meet someone fairly close in age, older is fine. And, I should add here, although married 19 years (divorced now 10-11 years), having children just didn’t happen. Feel free to inquire about my divorce, or ask any other questions... I’ll be an open book. Living a bit remote, I’m dependent on dismally slow data, and the occasional hotspot. Give me ample time to respond.

God has faith in us. Read Galatians 2:20 KJV... in this instance, the KJV nicely captures original intention... you’ll see it... scripture best interprets itself.

Some things are inexplicable. We just know.

All blessings in your search...
First Date
I’m interested in open, meaningful dialogue. So I think the first date should both organically and mutually evolve. It’s reasonable to believe we’d be communicating by then through various electronic media, perhaps by phone. If that’s the case, a high comfort level will exist, making our first meeting relaxed and fun. As it is, in my view a distance relationship is likely. It’s truly difficult to explain the numinous quality of visions and dreams that bring guidance and intuition - inexplicable really - I’m eager to talk about my passion for prayer devotion and Holy Spirit guidance. Don’t hesitate to ask... I desire mutual openness.
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