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OOPSY...I mistook 6 for an 8...I'm 52 not 54...first u wanna be old...and then you crave your youth again....so an extra 2 years on my age??? WAAAH

So...me....an abridged version of something that happened sometime somewhere, in a land not so far away...are we seated comfortably? well then, let's begin...once upon a time not so long ago there was a man....blah blah blah blah blah...the end........err...no...it goes something like this...

A musically inclined, very creative quasi intellectual exploring personal stupidity...A stoic a philosopher, sometimes a berean, I am paassionate and sometimes distant, I am a contradiction in many things, but flip the coin, what do you see?

I cannot agree with false words or ways, I am too much of an idealist and principals are principals, truth and honour, are my goals, I have yet to achieve this, God has a habit of presenting my many failings...hey ho, brush off carry on...build up..learn...

I consider humour essential, inward and outward...I am a heart on sleeve guy, I live in the moment, I also live in the distance....

I am an artist or so I am told, I don't really paint, but I use it in art, I am a composer, or so I am told, but to me it's just notes banging on, and all I do is try to make sense of something that doesn't make sense, music is a language that everyone knows but none really understand, because it is also a personal language, one that we pursue when we have need...the complexity of it all befuddles...so I just hack away until I make sense....and hopefully someone else understands too!

I am skilled with my hands, I am multitalented and a mastercraftsman in some, in old parlance I would be called a skilled artisan, by merit of learning and understanding, it sounds lofty, but it cost me lots, it is not so unusual a talent in so called developing countries, so I am not so rare from a global perspective...just an English one.

I'm not here to meet the next Mrs, I am too particular, I am too opinionated, I am too many things, I have so little time and too much to do,so I just wanna have fun and make fun of you...hopefully you'll make fun of me too...a little depth and a little laughter can go a long way...that is unless laughter is not banned because of Covid na na na nineteen....all those who remember that song...cant remember the words...destruction of cake in it's prime, now it's in my tummy...n n n 19...yes I know...tangential humour not everyones cup of U.

I am skilled with my hands, A mastercraftsman who understands, inperfection is not an enemy, but a friendly reminder, only God is perfect and our best offering will eventually be dust, but that doesn't prevent me from

I know the photo looks like a mugshot, but it was the only recent one I could find...to be fair it was that or a passport photo...I now have a handsome full grown beard and am hoping to grow my hair into a Jackson 5 state...think microphone haircut, testing 1,2,3...or possibly an overgrown stylized sheep....big blondee and wild...well...a more sedate wooly at my age....but that doesn't sound nearly as dangerous a description as wild...hey ho...at least my humor is still wild....think outrageous rather than coarse...

gimme a shout..start a conversation, or even challenge me! I'm here to connect with people, and hopefully be a huge encouragement.
First Date
introduce you to my arachnid collection...we could always go tap dancing on thin ice....How would I know? I rarely date...and I don't do pubs clubs and yada yada yada...so a country walk, somewhere outside, somewhere that you can converse...on account of I can chat for England or be very quiet..although a folk gig might be kinda fun, or a small string quartet, or a jazz ensemble...who knows? life has a habit of presenting opportunities...
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