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I built a house on a truck and have traveled the country for years. I've done a lot. Finally I'm at a place in my life I'm ready to start growing roots, and I like Oregon for it. Just bought property in Klamath Falls where I will live off grid while building a house. I intend to start a tinyhome building/vehicle conversion business once I'm a bit more established, but for now I am self-employed as a carpenter.

I don't drink. In the evenings, I smoke herb to unwind. Never during the day. No other drug use. I've never had a cigarette.

Ideal match:
The most important thing is chemistry, and I do believe opposites often attract. You end up liking people for their virtues, and loving people for their faults, as they say. When that chemistry x-factor is present then life becomes a passion to explore together. It can't be forced, and sometimes it's hard to see, but when it's there, you know it.
That being said I do want kids sometime in the future (not in a rush!) so I'm interested in someone around my age or younger, with her own interests and ambitions and the desire to share them, and a good head on her shoulders. I'm not too caught up on looks, but if you're heavier than I am I'm not going to be interested, sorry.

I changed my diet a while back and feel much better for it. My changes were simple.
-stop consuming added sugar
-stop consuming caffeine
-stop consuming any blob of carbs that would not have been available throughout the majority of human history (e.g,, bread) prior to civilization making it a staple
I eat fruits, nuts, veggies, cheese, meat, eggs, legumes, and everything other than those three things above. I do not believe humans are ethically obligated not to eat meat, but I don't eat much of it either - our bodies don't need a lot.

For a long time I avoided discussing politics, but it can't be ignored any longer. Don't you find it disturbing how polarized everything is today? The language used is harsh, divisive rhetoric, everywhere. This is not accidental, and I am not saying this as any kind of partizan statement. Replace democrat and republican with Gambinos and Genovese, Coke and Pepsi, they are just placeholders, it doesn't matter.
On **social issues** my outlook is to the left. Freedom of religion. All people are equal. Your sexuality is your own. All that good stuff. On everything else, my outlook is to the right. The role of government is to defend the borders and otherwise stay out of our lives, not to become a nanny state -- and so many people are cheering on the destruction of their rights and freedoms today. Once those freedoms are gone, they do not come back.

For a long time I identified as atheist. My reasons for identifying as such were that I had no evidence of god, and that agnosticism is a half-measure. Recent events in my life have led me to reasess my outlook of the world and my place in it. I have reason to believe there may be a pervasive unseen force in our universe, and that force may be called god. Though I still do not expressly subscribe to any organized religion, I have also come to believe that a common morality is integral to the functioning of a successful community, and I do believe that Christian morality has it about right. Whether that does or does not make me a Christian in your mind, either way is fine by me.
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