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Hi there! I would love to meet people (male or female) who love God. If I do happen to meet a man we could just be good buddies or if you are single I am open to having a lighthearted relationship including snuggling, giving each other back / neck massages but I am not looking to be pressured into anything more than that. I am seriously interested in having friends and not dating. I hope to avoid the pressure of someone wanting to be more than friends because I really don't know if I ever want to be married so that is why I'm looking for friendships. You might have noticed my age range on my listing is a bit larger because my current best friend is 35 and he feels very much like a peer. The problem is we don't share our faith in common and almost all of the people I am surrounded by are either atheist or agnostic. It would be amazing to have some more friends that love God!

Things I'd like to do with you if you are interested:
-Bible studying (just the two of us!?)
-Now that it's pretty much winter: hot tubs, hot chocolate, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, cold weather camping (I've done it, I have gear for two!), making igloos and snowmen (Hey! It's exercise!)
-Making gifts, crafts, food for others
-Helping others, volunteering
-Do meaningful projects or learn skills I would like to learn (carpentry, vehicle repair/fixing things, videography/editing, photography, graphic art, online business, etc)
-Going out to eat or eating food that YOU make:P ...unless you want me to bring a veggie tray or have me order some BEEF RIBS ;) :P::
-Movie nights (mostly interested in feel good, happy, cute and/or perspective and morally inspiring movies, documentaries, TED talks, etc)
-Backpacking, camping, tree/vertical camping, bushcrafting
-Checking out aquariums, greenhouses, state parks, etc wherever we can see nature!
-Checking out antique cars
-Dressing up into costumes just for fun and to make people smile!
-Planning events, fundraisers, parties, etc

Non-fiction Nerd Interests OTHER than what I mentioned above:
Ending torture internationally and other causes, systems change, behavior and communication, researching, tiny houses, efficient living spaces, going off grid, gardening, plants, aquaponics, hydroponics, algae farming, biology, renewable energy, gadgets, flashlights, Star Trek, writing, poetry, travelling, 50-60s music, folk, electronic, etc
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Ideas above :)
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