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"computer guy"
Bible study, family time, mentoring, volunteering, comunity service, emergency services, first responder, gardening, camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, shooting, off-roading, carpentry, home improvement, emergency preparedness
About Me
Christian and family man at my core. I am also a patriot, veteran, volunteer, animal lover, adventurer, prepper, and a bit of a goofball. I love God, love my family, love children in general, love my country, and love my fellow human beings, even when we disagree. I try to live my life by the teachings of Jesus, as written in scripture, rather than by any specific denomination's doctrine. I also enjoy solving puzzles and coming up with solutions. I like to create things out of wood, landscape my yard, upgrade my house, and do handy work. I find gardening to be relaxing.

I enjoy getting out of the house, out of town, and in to nature, camping, off-roading, and hiking. I especially love the mountains and forests, and could hike through them all day. Fortunately I have a pretty good sense of direction and navigation, and have never gotten lost in the wilderness (yet, crossing fingers!). Plus I'm pretty good with a map and compass. Nowadays, phones with GPS make it all too easy. LOL

I find fulfillment in serving the community in ways not many can or are willing to. I've been a volunteer/on-call firefighter, and, after taking a break for family reasons, am working on getting back to it. I'm also working on getting my EMT certification so I can apply that skill in a volunteer capacity, as well.

Having served in the military, in a fire department, with a community emergency response team, and trained with EMT/ambulance crews, I've developed an appreciation for gallows humor. I'm hoping to find someone with the thick-skinned mindset who can appreciate such humor from time to time. It's not my only humor, and I know when and how to keep it in check considering certain company at hand at the time, but it'd be nice to not get in trouble for it with my partner. LOL

I like to go hunting. I do like target shooting for sport, but when I go hunting, it's for food, not trophies. I don't believe in wasting the resources God has granted us, or being needlessly cruel to His creations.

I'm not concerned with the color of your skin, hair, or eyes. I am more interested in you taking care of what God gave you and keeping healthy and fit. Similarly, I'm not concerned with what your ethnic or cultural heritage may be. While I may find it interesting, I am most interested in us having at least enough common ground to be able to show each other respect and caring, and receive it in the manner it was intended. I love all people, and try to treat everyone as God would have them treated. That being said, to be partners, two people should be on the same page with values, world views, and life style choices. To save us all time, my deal breakers: I am not looking for anyone who smokes, uses drugs, does not live healthy and take care of their body, is Catholic, or does not love and work well with children.

11-17-2020: This profile is new. The photo is from September, 2020. I will add more photos soon, I'm just not in the habit of taking selfies, so I don't yet have many recent photos. Please let me know if you're interested in seeing more photos and I'll try to get some better one's to post ASAP. I know compatibility is great, but people want to see, too.
First Date
Any activity that allows conversation so we can get to know each other better and get a feel for what it's like to spend time together. Of course dinner is traditional for a first date, but I would also enjoy hiking, mini golf, shooting pool, site seeing, or even just flying a kite at the beach, as long as we got to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.
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