Do you consider Christ to be your LORD; rather than just Savior?

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meaningful interaction; witty banter... God-related stuff... art... music... etc
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might revise and keep
edit... unable to delete profile.
either i'm being dense; or there's a problem with the site.
but it does'na feel prudent to spend more time looking about in that regard

alright let's get real...
you don't have to agree with everything i believe.
i figured this would be good content..
to just babble about my stances on some stuff...
i don't even own a mask.
I'm not down with vaccines.
I've always been against cops not being held responsible for things like killing unarmed people; but that there are lots of PoC billionaires in the U.S. so if you are a PoC and poor it's your own fault; not some system keeping you down; and the solution isn't to eradicate the institution of police.

I'm getting into vegetarian eating; juicing and stuff;
but don't know if i'll swear off eating meat entirley.
I think slaughter houses are unnatural because people aren't killing their own food; and

I'm "INFJ;" unless i'm not; and 4w5; also Cancerian; with Aries ascendant... if any of that means anything to you.

I'm passionate about what i call "Spirit-led fellowship and worship"
I'm at the place where i find it frankly utterly absurd to take thought for what i will say to someone; rather trusting that it will be given to me in that hour what i should speak; because it's not me that speaks; but the Lord which speaks through me.
(this is a paraphrase of particular passage in the Bible)
When i was younger i often reacted to the self-importance of mainstream christians... their investment in their precious schedules and sermons that they strive in their flesh to write.

but now i realize that part of my resignation to what will be said and heard by whom... is in accepting that many still think their plans and agendas of how to "lead" the church matter.

That said... i think in my personal relationship i need to be with someone that is on the same page as me as far as understanding nothing good comes through us unless we are thoroughly resigned to our precious ideas of what needs to happen; so that the Will of the Father might flow through us most effectively.


I have a history of getting into relationships with women with a lot of personal power; but I've learned that what matters is personal strength and an attitude to just deal.
They're not the same thing.
Power is just raw capacity.
Strength is a matter of controlling power; with grace.

I repeatedly ignored the red flags of histrionics, and emotional irresponsibility.
I also learned that whilst I can ignore acting out; and lead by emotionally autonomous example...

That's folly if the person isn't invested in being a good steward of their self.
So this is what I'm looking for:

a woman with the spirit and intellect to inspire me;
who also is desirous to grow.

I want a woman that I can love unconditionally.
the thing about unconditional love is it requires not pretending there are no flaws in body mind or spirit.
I want a woman that can face implications of personal flaw.
Because that is what is required for a person to continue changing and growing. I've discerned that this is only sustainable if the individual is genuinely relaxing in the Grace of God; and sees their existence as a matter of stewardship of the Lord's property.
Our consciousness minding the maintenance of His vessel.

this profile is a work in progress; as am i.
so it'll be edited over time;
until i achieve my desired outcome.

: )

the edu thing is a bit misleading.
i dropped out of formal edu when i was 11 yo
i then got my GED at 22;
but i used my intuition to BS my way through it.
most of the math stuff was Greek to me.
as a current side project I'm learning all the basic knowledge i missed; all the little rules of math and grammar; etc.

Enjoy your day;
as inspired by Him.
First Date
To me that would be about getting to know a person;
so it wouldn't actually be a "date" in my mind.

It'd probably be something low-key, laid-back; nonchalant
coffee shop; walk around a park; wander around a book store...
lunch somewhere...
The activity doesn't really matter.
It's about being present, resigned to outcome; candid, open to possibility... etc.
I marvel at how people ponder things in romantic context... when they don't even know a person just as a person yet.

If - down the road - things progressed to being more romantic... then I'd have particular plans, tailored to my perceptions of her and what I've discerned that she personally finds stimulating and enjoyable.

I've no interest in trying to woo a woman; until I've decided that I want her specifically; and for the right - God centered - reasons.
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