Do you consider Christ to be your LORD; rather than just Savior?

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sifting ideas; all forms of creative expression; martial art; yoga; dancing; ministry; psychology, fitness, lounging around with friends; learning things, philosophizizing, deep discussion, companionable silence; pointless - but hopefully witty - banter..
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Eitehr I'm being dense on the delete option on the site is not working properly.
Regardless: It's not prudent for me to invest anymore time attempting to delete this


Traits of the Woman for me...

When she's emotionally compromised...
She wants to be reminded of truths which can help her find her stability again.

She's blissfully invested in becoming better; rather than convincing her self that however she is "good enough."

When she realizes she's been wrong about something...
She admits it; just on principle of facing her mistake; in order to learn from it.

She's strong where I'm weak.

She's teachable.
Because she understands that she is not an exception to "for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God."
She understands that redemption in Christ doesn't cure the flesh of sin. It simply atones for it.
That we remain flawed inherently; and thus that our responsibility as stewards is to manage our selves in context of that propensity to faltering.

Her sense of justification is in Christ; not whatever rules or systems she currently defaults to.
Rules and systems are for the sake of self-management;
but in that "for now we see through a darkened glass"... and "His Ways are higher than our ways"...
Our systems and rules will always be quaint and flawed.

She's invested in being a good steward of her self; and adding value to life; rather than trying to "change the world" or in any way remake the world in her image.

She assumes full responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions.
She refuses to accept responsibility for the thoughts, feelings or actions of others.

If she argues... it's for the intellectual exercise; rather than to feel "right."

She is mindful of what she ingests; and how she digests it. (in all aspects of her being)

She's systems rather than goal oriented.
First Date
consider this deleted.

Eitehr I'm being dense on the delete option on the site is not working properly.
Regardless: It's not prudent for me to invest anymore time attempting to delete this


It'd probably be something low-key, laid-back; nonchalant
coffee shop; walk around a park; wander around a book store...
lunch somewhere...
The activity doesn't really matter.
It's about being present, resigned to outcome; candid, open to possibility... etc.
I marvel at how people ponder things in romantic context... when they don't even know a person just as a person yet.

If - down the road - things progressed to being more romantic... then I'd have particular plans, tailored to my perceptions of her and what I've discerned that she personally finds stimulating and enjoyable.

I've no interest in trying to woo a woman; until I've decided that I want her specifically; and for the right - God centered - reasons.
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