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music, prayer, talking, listening, being a Mary in a Martha world, the outdoors, being honest and genuine and there for each other, being our authentic selves in Jesus, not being afraid to communicate openly and share feelings and emotions, integrity, and
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I just want to say first off I am one of the most divisive people you will meet, hate me or love me. There is no in-between. I say how I'm feeling and don't censor myself. I have had a really hard life, and used drugs as a way to cope until Jesus found me at a rehab called Teen Challenge. I never would've changed unless He really did something to me. I love encouragement, and honesty, and being real, and being able to enjoy freedom in Christ. I have had a checkered past, but so far the last two years since Christ saved me have been pretty wholesome. I have done classes on how to be a teacher in this program, multiple sermons, taught a class in Nigeria over the internet, and have released an album. I am very real, and open, and my relationship with Jesus is built on vulnerability and transparency, so that is how I act in my day to day interactions with people. I do my best, and am an intern at a Southern California location, where I plan on getting hired on early and staying there until January of next year, and going to Alaska to work at a Teen Challenge up there. It is technically Teen AND Adult Teen Challenge, but the program started in the 50's or something and back then it was just for teens and the name stuck. Oh, and hopefully Got lets me get married as soon as possible, I have been praying about it for like a year at least. If we get along, then we get along, and we can see how it goes. Obviously no sex and stuff before marriage, that should pretty much go without saying, but it is a crazy world, and so-called Christians my age are often into that. I was anyway at 19, calling myself a Christian, but having sex outside marriage and I just need to be clear I really am saved and I am not looking for that life anymore, I am not the same person I was when I was a fake Christian. The last 2 years are not perfect but I have integrity. I do not mind if you smoke, I have not since being in the program, but since it does not get you high I figure it is okay. Again, I have a strong faith and am not bothered by much, long as it is received with thanksgiving. I do not like drugs, and could not see myself doing them. To be able to talk to me, we have to be able to just keep it real and put everything on the table, I really hate dishonesty and am not afraid to say what I am feeling.
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I would be at McDonald's, Denny's or IHOP, or the movies. I just wanna be able to talk and spend time with someone my age who knows who Jesus is on a personal level. That is pretty much it. I like the outdoors, and music, and parks, and incorporating that would be fun. I hope we can talk to each other, and it doesn't have to be a date, let's just get to know each other over the phone and talk to each other and FaceTime before we even meet in person because of Covid and while I am in the program getting ready to become a full-time Teacher in January of next year, I just want a friend and to get to know them, and we will see if we like each other.
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