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Being The Right Person Is The Key To Finding The Right Person!

If interested, then please continue to read my profile in full before contacting me.

I welcome any appropriate questions you may have which are reasonable and logical.

Thank you for visiting my profile!

God bless you!

Profile Updated: April 25, 2022


Seeking a mature female for serious chat that will lead to the formation of a real friendship, with the hopeful potential for a relationship with the one female that is a match for me.

Want a woman who is compatible with me, and have some contrast, in order that she and I complement each other.

If I were to meet and then begin a committed relationship with a female outside of the United States, then I would be willing to help her with travel expenses in order for her to travel to US to meet me in person, since I am currently unable to travel long distances, especially outside of the US. We will cross that bridge if and when we arrive at such a point!

She being somewhat fluent in speaking English, or able to communicate in English would be important. Personally I am willing to help her improve her English, with patience, encouragement, and understanding. Although please know that being able to communicate in English is important to being able to form a friendship and future potential committed relationship.

Additionally being able to communicate in a common language is greatly important for any potential relationship. Therefore, I seek a female who can at minimum speak and write basic English with some fluency, ideally with English being either her first or second language.

My apologies! I only know English. I am unable to travel outside of the United States, due to health for a long journey.

Would not want to miss out on a potential good match, due to location or minimal English skills



• 57 year old

• 5 feet 9 inches tall

• Thick Heavyset Big Guy

• Dark brown hair (bald on top)

• Brown eyes


• Unmarried & Single (Divorced Twice)

• Marriage Minded

• Family Oriented

• Child Friendly

• Pet Friendly (More of a dog type person)


•Proud father of four young adult sons

•Open (if possible) to the potential of having an additional child(ren), if my future wife wants to have children with me.

•I am content with the four sons which God has blessed me with already!

•Open to woman with or without existing child(ren).


• Raised in COGOP (Church Of God Of Prophecy) which is a church with Holiness & Pentecostal beliefs.

• Man of faith, and trust in God.

• I believe in the Trinity of the Godhead.

• I believe in repentance, justification, regeneration, born again salvation, sanctifcation, water baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism, divine healing, holiness, honesty, abstaince from alcohol, tobacco, illegal/street drugs, sex outside of marriage, gambling, and other scriptural teachings!


• Former Retail Sales Associate (Cellular Phones & Home Electronics).

• Retired (ceased working) at an early age (age 51) due to health issues.

• Have inabilities and limitations which prevent me from substantial and gainful employment.


• I have battled with my inabilities and limitations for a few years now, but NOT ready to throw in the the towel.

• Continuing to deal with health issues, but hopeful to overcome them and learn to work around any inabilities, and within my limitations. Trusting God for the complete healing of my body.

• Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to work again, even if it part-time, and very limited. Taking time to heal, and recover, while I cling to my faith in God, and hope for those things which might seem impossible at the present time! Have no guarantees for what will be in the future, whether near or far; but I am not ready to give up! God is my strength, and my deliverer! AMEN


• A loving, caring, gentle, kind man with a warm heart.

• Honest, sincere, self giving, dedicated, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, and enduring.

• Monogamous, Committed, Open

• Able to Freely Give and Receive Love

• Kindhearted, Warm, Gentle

• Soft-Spoken at times (sometimes quite and silent), unless provoked

• Calm (I try not to worry or let things upset me)

• Patient, Understanding, Considerate

• Appreciative, Focused, Initiative, Thinker

• Designer, Dreamer, Dream Chaser

• Adventurous, Goal Oriented, Goal Seeker

• Creative, Imaginative, Intuitive

• Practical, Resourceful, Inventive

• Talkative (Once I get comfortable with someone), among others.

• Continue to work on myself to be a better person. I am not perfect by any means, nor am I seeking a perfect potential mate.

• There is always room for improvement in the above traits for me. But the foundation already exist, as well as a structure built upon this one. So there is great potential waiting to fully bloom.

• Quick wit with a great sense of humor and sometimes to the point of silly or goofy at times; especially when I get really tired.

• Sensitive, but yet strong. Tried but true. Forged but tender. Tolerate but yet reasonably firm.

• Open minded and able to see and think outside the proverbial box. More of a moderate in terms of my overall views, seeing some things of importance on both sides from the middle. Although I lean conservative on moral issues.

• High morals and values, based on God's law and scriptures. Strict scripture based upbringing from an infant up has positively shaped my life and formed the man I am today.

• A thinker with an imaginative, intriguing, inventive, innovative, and creative mind. Attention to detail, and sharp eye. Resourceful, practical, logical, determined, patience, and intelligent.

• Artistic and creatively inclined as well as being technically and mechanically inclined.

• Fascinated by how things are made, how they work, and how parts make up the whole.

• More into the recreating, retrofitting, renovating, modifying, improving, redesigning, or reinventing of things to be more functional and practical, rather than just restoring them to the original.


I have various and diverse interest. Due to my health I am prohibited in participation in many of my interests. Some things I have interest in, but have not been afforded the opportunity to experience these yet. Perhaps in the future, as I have some improvement in my health, I would hope to be more active, and participate in my interests.

General Overall Interest

• Various & diverse interests ranging:

• From God, scriptures, church, Bible, biblical era history, and related topics

• To researching topics of interest

• To genealogy, history, geography, anthropology, sociology, cultures

• To technology, manufacturing, metalworking, welding, fabrication automobiles, machines, mechanical & electrical devices

• To drawing, design, building, woodworking, DIY, crafts

• To writing, expressing my thoughts into words, reading books, articles, essays, watching documentaries

• To watching videos, surfing the internet, computers, photography

• To being creative in various ways - love thinking outside the proverbial box, as well as stepping back and looking at the big picture

• And many many other interest in between.


If interested, please write, and let's get starred communicating!

God bless you!
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