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Agricultural engineer (3rd yr)
Outdoors, nature, hiking, computers, self-sufficiency, photography
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Hello :)
I would class myself as a country person rather than city. The countryside holds more enjoyment in hikes, peace and nature. I find I am able to connected with God better rather than in the hustle and bustle of city/town life.
I am originally from Bristol, moved up to the Scotland back in October 2015. I am still in the process of exploring Gods back garden, there is so much to see and do.
I am a learning disabilities nurse by qualification, and do enjoy working with people with disabilities, and people in general who have been marginalised by society . It is challenging work, but rewarding since two days were never the same and you get to leave after a day with that warm feeling that you have made a difference to someone’s life no matter how small it may be. It is very humbling to be around people with differing abilities in the respect that there is very little negativity/complaining.
I have worked for a Christian charity also that provides activity holidays for both kids and adults, and enjoy every bit of it!
Now, however, I have changed career, finishing my training in agricultural engineering.
A self-summary, I feel I am a caring person who takes great care, pride and enjoyment of the little things that matter such as a kind/reassuring word, or giving a smile to comfort, non-judgmental and adventurous.
One dream of mine, is to own and work on a small holding (with a few animals and small crops) and have people with learning disabilities come to work on it as therapy. The whole self-sufficiency thing is very interesting, I enjoy learning more about it.

I like to get out and about into the wilderness. Any outdoor activity is fun to me, be it dinghy sailing (although I’ve not sailed in years) through to taking a stroll through the woods. Kayaking is a bit hair-raising though haha!

My friends described me as follows, I would have to agree:
Dean is an ambitious, career minded person who works within health care. He has spent a lot of his adult life working and volunteering abroad. He enjoys the outdoors such as sailing, mountaineering and diving. He makes Karl Pilkington look like Stephen Fry with Bear Grylls as an addition. He is all three with a little extra. In short:
- Rugged,
- No baggage,
- Driven,
- Brave,
- Incompetent (meant in the most loving way haha).

I am searching for and greatly value a lady with inner beauty, a friendly and kind personality/demeanor, non-judgmental who sees pleasure and enjoyment in simple things like taking a walk somewhere. Who also values the small things in this beautiful life, the smell of a forest or taking a stroll somewhere. It is highly likely we will not get on if you see beauty as skin deep rather than putting in the time to get to know people. I am traditional but firmly believe in equality within a relationship and together being a team, to go through both the good and bad times together and share lots of laughter.
I do believe strongly that God does not always place the perfect person right next door. I am fully committed to an initial distance relationship however far that maybe. I would travel to the ends of the earth for love as it is such a precious gift. Ultimately, would like to find my best friend and lover with whom we can grow in God together.
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Something and somewhere that makes us both feel relaxed
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